Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Contradiction

If you follow my blog, you have been reading about what I think about the failing American diet.  I have written about the lack of vegetables in our diet.  I have written about the high fat, sugar and salt content of our diet.  I have written about the over abundance of fast food in our diet.  So what is the contradiction?  I really miss American food!

So here are some things I look forward to eating when I go home this summer:

--Nachos!  (for those who don't know, they are corn chips that are covered with melted cheese and spicy salsa.  Jalapeno peppers are a bonus.

--Hot dogs!  My family will tell you that I am a hot dog hater.  But for some reason, the absence of them has made me crave them lately.  (Yet another contradiction.)  Actually, I did see some hot dogs for sale at the bulk items store here, but the price was high, so  didnt' buy them.  Maybe I'll break down and get some one of these days.

--Mexican food!  I really need some authentic fish tacos, enchiladas, refried beans, and tostadas!

--Weird as it may sound, I am really craving cottage cheese, which we can't buy here in China.

--Pesto!  We have a friend who just left China to return to Canada, and gave us a small bottle of pesto that she bought at an import store here.  I don't normally spend that kind of money, so it was a real treat for us.  In fact, we can't even find basil, or basil seeds here.  nomnomnomnom....

--Sourdough bread!  Being from the San Francisco area, we really miss good sourdough bread.  Can't wait!

--To add to my "contradiction" list of unhealthy foods, I am missing sour cream!  Once again, we can buy it here, but it costs more than we want to pay.

---BEEF!  We can buy some beef here, but it's not as good of quality as in America.  I actually think that most of it is water buffalo.  It pretty much tastes the same, but the quality of beef in America is excellent.  I need a good old fashioned steak!

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Ursula said...

When did you last eat? You sound hungry to me. What's unhealthy about sour cream?

I'd say you are, and have been for a while, suffering a severe case of home sickness.


shackman said...

Firstly - I'm still laughing at Ursula's comment - Great one U!!.

I'm with ya D - first place I'll visit if I ever return to the Bay Area is Caspers for a hot dog. Then I'll hit up Spengers in Berkeley if it's still open for the seafood and crusty French bread.

Grannymar said...

Not long now until you are home for the wedding and can binge ;) on all the foods above, that you miss.

Delirious said...

Ha ha Ursula, I wasn't hungry when I wrote it, or my list might have been longer. :)

Delirious said...

Shackman, you are just torturing me now.... ;)

Maria Perry Mohan said...

We've lots of healthy food in India which is also delicious. I hope you get a hot dog soon.

Maxi said...

Omg D, you poor thing. Next time I start to complain 'cause I don't have something I will zip my lip and think of you.

Will you be able to take some food back when you come here?

blessing ~ maxi

Rummuser said...

That is not contradiction. That is addiction to fast food!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

OK, I've been out of touch for a while. What are you doing in China? The only thing I like better than a good hot dog is 2 good hot dogs. So I'll have one for you, and another for me.

Delirious said...

@ Rummuser: Ha ha, I think you could be right!

@ Sandy: We are living in China on a business assignment. This is our second tour. About 20 years ago we lived in Beijing for two years. We have now been in Hubei province for almost 1 year. I promised my son we would go home to the States for his last two years of high school, so we have one more year here, then will head back.
Have some nachos with that hot dog for me. :)

Amber said...

i think you can make some of the stuff you are craving yourself, cottage cheese, sour cream, and definitely sour dough bread. look on pinterest for the first 2 I bet they have recipes!

tucson locks said...

is it is addiction to a food