Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Not Over Yet

Today my son and I went to Brigham Young University to check in with their Independent Study office.  My son (15) has been doing independent High school studies this year.  He has to take some final exams now, and coming to the testing center is easier for us than trying to have the tests sent to China.

The actual work for these classes isn't very difficult, but the final exam must be taken at an approved location, by a certified proctor.  We had planned to ask the Canadian international high school in our city if they would proctor the exams for my son, but decided instead to just do it here in America.  So now we have arranged for him to take two of the tests, and as soon as he finishes a few projects we will order the rest of the exams for him to take here.  So we are close to finishing, but it's not over yet!

My son never really grasped the beauty of independent study.  His frame of mind was such that he tried to work as little as possible.  But to really take advantage of independent study, the student should think about working harder so that they could even graduate early!  And if he graduated early, he could even move on to taking online classes for college credit!  But my son has a 15 year old brain, and thinks on a 15 year old boy level.  He can't see the advantage to doing more work now.  He's a work in progress I guess.  I'm still trying to shape and mold him.  My job isn't over yet!

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Rummuser said...

My son is now 42. His fiance Majiree is also 42. Manjiree's father and I can assure you that parenting never gets over!

The Old Fossil said...

It doesn't end and then you get into the sandwich time when you are working to help the kids and working to help your aging parents. But, you know what? It is all so rewarding!!!

Looney said...

"Is it over yet" has a similar ring to "Are we there yet?".

The independent study / online classes never end.

Amber said...

it would be neat to finish early, but I would feel sad for him if he didn't get to have a real graduation ceremony or all the other fun stuff that goes along with your senior year in a real high school.

Grannymar said...


"Mum, can I borrow the car"? Yes, my car has gone to work today! :lol: I may be on the top shelf of life, but I still have my uses!

As my senior sister-in-law said to me when I was coping with a 'middle teen': Don't worry, it passes.................. Eventually!

Alas, nobody ever tells you how long eventually takes to get here!

shackman said...

My daughter and her 3 kids live here. Sigh. It'll never end. But the 3-year old makes it all worthwhile.

Tucson said...

i look all over the internet