Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Puppy Love

It's interesting that "Puppy love" is today's topic, considering that last week's topic was "My first kiss".  However, since my first kiss was not a matter of puppy love, I can write about something different today.  :)  My first kiss was with someone that I really didn't like that much.  I think I was flattered that he liked me, but I didn't feel the same way about him.  Actually, I was kind of relieved when things ended between us.

I was thinking back to a person that I had a huge crush on.  I was a young adult at the time, so some might argue that it was real love, not puppy love.  But I do think that most crushes are puppy love.  This guy was very cute, and very funny.  I had known him as a missionary, although I didn't have a crush on him then.  It wasn't until I got home from my mission, and knew that we were both back in the dating pool that I began to have a crush on him. 

This guy worked where I worked, so I saw him often.  He also was part of a stand up comic group at our university, and once I went to see him perform.  I think the biggest detriment to my ever being able to date him was that I had confided my puppy love to another friend, and she had let the cat out of the bag.  So he knew I liked him.  There is no quicker way to lose a guy than to make him feel you are chasing him.  So he ran in the opposite direction, much to my dismay.  Not long after, I met my future husband and was married in a matter of months. 

So in recent years I made friends with this guy on Facebook.  There came this weird moment when I looked at a picture of him and thought, "Ew."  I'm so glad I didn't end up with him!  And as I have read his posts, I have been able to see that we weren't really that compatible anyway.  This proves my theory that puppy love isn't real love, and probably won't stand the test of time.

Having said that, I do think that love is a choice.  Once we decide to love someone, we have to work hard to maintain the ground we have gained.  It's not a magical feeling that is always there.  Love takes work.  I think that many people divorce because they fall out of love.  They don't put in the required effort, and the love simply disappears.  I know there are other justifiable reasons for divorce, but I'm talking about those who wake up one day and don't feel in love anymore.  I think even they would admit that their love got put on the back burner at some point.

I've been in "puppy love" before, and in real abiding, mature love, and I prefer the real thing! 

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Grannymar said...

Does this mean you will be good for a loan?

Grannymar said...

Delores please delete that comment, it is in the wrong place? When will learn not to have several comment boxes open at the one time.

I think I missed out on so called 'puppy love' but then I grew up in a house of boys with Y-fronts and dirty socks by the million to be washed! That is one sure way to kill all romance!

shackman said...

Oh goodie - GM borrowuing puppy love from D - LOL - hey D - ever consider that puppy love is practice for the realthing? maybe you can't have one without the other!

Maxi said...

Love takes work. Three little words that says it all, D.
blessings ~ maxi