Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Are the Odds?

The other day I was watching television, and a person on the show commented on a dress someone was wearing and said, "That is so eloquent."  I think I may have even responded out loud, "ELEGANT".  I was surprised that they would confuse the two words.  Later that day a Chinese woman who speaks English came to my house.  As we were talking, she was looking at something in my house and said, "That is so eloquent."  I couldn't believe it!  What are the odds that I would hear that word used incorrectly twice in the same day?

Today I was reading on facebook and saw a comment someone made about a search engine gimmick.  They said that if you go to Bing, and type in "Beam me up", that you will see something fun.  So I did it.  It was kind of cute, but not as great as I expected.  lol  Anyway, it was a little boring, so I exited the window and clicked on a facebook game that I like to play.  The first thing that popped up. on the game was a notice about a new part of the game called, "Beam me up"!  What are the odds?

I watched "Groundhog Day" yesterday.  In case you haven't seen it, Bill Murray plays a man who experiences the same day over and over.  After these experiences of mine, I have to wonder if I'm caught in some kind of linguistic groundhog day!  :)


shackman said...

Love Groundhog Day - it never gets old - perhaps you are simply in the throes of Ramana's synchronicity!

Rummuser said...

The odds are just about even that such things will happen. They happen all the time except that we do not normally notice them and when we do we wonder about them.

Grannymar said...

We don't do Groundhog Day in my neck of the woods, but I often come across instances recurring in a short space of time. An example recently was meeting someone that I had not seen for over a year and then met them twice in the one afternoon.

Maxi said...

At least your day turned out to be interesting, D.
blessings ~ maxi

Max Coutinho said...

Hi D,

I would pay attention next time the same thing occurs (and try adding Eloquent and Beam me up to that third event): it may be a message for you.

I do not wish to sound batty but I have learned that messages come in different forms to us...