Friday, March 22, 2013

Communicating With Animals

I ran across a story today about the late Mr. Fred Rogers' visit to see "Koko" the gorilla.  This gorilla had been taught sign language in captivity.  Koko also watched television, and one of her favorite programs was "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood".  It was also one of my favorite shows as a child.  Fred Rogers made a trip to visit Koko, who recognized him and gave him a hug.  One of the first things Koko did was to take off Mr. Rogers' shoes.  Afterall, that was what she had seen him do every show.  I wanted to see more about their visit, so did a youtube search.  This video was the only footage I could find that I could share, but I did see that you can watch it on Hulu if you have a membership.  (You and I together:  Mr. Rogers visits Koko the gorilla)    But it really shows his gentle nature, and the bond between the two is amazing.


Maxi said...

This clip of KoKo is beyond precious. He seems human-like.
blessings ~ maxi

Rummuser said...