Thursday, January 10, 2013

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: My Dreams and How I've Worked to Fulfill Them

The older I get, the more I regret not fulfilling some of my dreams in life.  There are definitely things in my life that I wanted to do, but didn't pursue.  Now that I am older, and don't have the youth I need to do some of those things, I regret not doing them while I could.  But on the other hand, I have fulfilled some of my dreams, and that has brought me great satisfaction.

One of the things I always wanted to do in my life was become an emergency medical technician.  I often thought I would do it even in my older years, but now I realize that my body probably isn't in good enough shape to have to lift heavy stretchers.  But I might consider adjusting that dream and eventually get training to be a 911 telephone operator.  That doesn't require heavy lifting.

Some of my life goals I have accomplished.  I really wanted to get married and have children.  I had some health problems in recent years, and my doctor told me she is surprised I was able to have children at all.  So I feel very blessed that I was able to have 4 children.  This was my highest priority, so that may be the reason that other dreams had to be put on the back burner.  It was worth the trade off!

Another dream of mine, and of my husband, was to live in China.  We did that for 2 years in Beijing.  But for the past 17 years, we wanted to go back to China.  We finally have accomplished that dream.  It took patience, because there were many times we would have liked to have come, but circumstances were that it wasn't the right time.  But when the timing was right, we made the move.  Sometimes dreams have to happen at the right time.

I didn't see this topic until today, so I already posted this video, but it is so good, and so timely, that I think it is worth posting again with this topic.  It really explores how we pursue our dreams and ideas, and why we sometimes fail.  If you are a dreamer, like me, I hope you will take the time to watch this great video.  Click here to watch it.   

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Rummuser said...

Alas, I am not a dreamer as you will learn from my post. I am a doer and worry about it later fellow. But the video does resonate with me because, I am basically a lazy fellow!

Maria Perry Mohan said...

Like you, I have fulfilled a lot of my dream. I feel that there's still time to fulfil a few more.

shackman said...

I'm a bit surprised you're a dreamer D - but delighted to hear it. The world needs dreamers.

Grannymar said...

Since I am not a dreamer, I found this weeks topic very difficult.

I had worked on a 999/911 telephone line for a few years. Being calm, really listening and taking clear notes is important.

Maxi said...

Maybe it's because I'm a writer that curiosity overcomes me.

Did you move to China from America? Are you a missionary?

I feel that your life is as it should be, D. Not to worry.

Many Blessings to you ~ Maxi

blackwatertown said...

More good dreams and much coming true. By magic? No - your hard work.

padmum said...

Dream on--your dreams are not your own--they are life's ache to be realized as reality.