Wednesday, January 09, 2013

FInishing What You Started

I wish I could embed this video.  Here is the link instead.    This video really speaks to where my mind has been this past year.  I have spent my whole life chasing millions of ideas without finishing many of them.  This year I have been trying to finish what I start, and not start a new project until I finish an old one.  It takes a lot of patience, and it takes a lot of discipline.  I currently am still in the process of trying to finish what I have started.  But she is right, it is much more fun to think of new ideas than to toil away finishing an old one.  But this video gave me some motivation, so I will continue to plug away at those old projects, and push my self to finish reading my current book before I start a new one.  I hope this video will be just as motivational to you!

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Rummuser said...

We have a phrase for such a person. Aaramba Shura. Champion starter. My problem is exactly the opposite. I am too lazy to start anything new.