Saturday, December 22, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: TOUCH

Sorry I'm late in posting this.  My VPN hasn't been working well.

Here in China you can get a massage inexpensively.  The best masseuses, according to the Chinese, are the blind ones.  I think because they cannot see, it is generally believed that having one less sense, they have a greater sense of touch.  I tend to believe this assumption.  I once had a piano tuner who was blind, and I felt he was much better at his craft than sighted tuners.  And so here in China, the blind are usually taught to do massage.

It's interesting how two different people getting a massage can have very different experiences.  My husband got a massage the other day, and I went with him.  I sat and read while he got the massage.  Most of the time here, you get a massage while fully clothed.  They plopped him on a bed and began afflicting as much pain as possible.  ;)  My husband went to them because his back had been bothering him.  But there were times during the massage that he had to tell the man to use less force.  It was just too painful.  The masseuse listened, and lightened up on the massage.  My husband still had a sore spot on the middle of his back the next day, but overall felt better for having had the massage.

Another friend of ours had a massage lately too.  But he doesn't speak chinese, and felt he should let the masseuse decide on the best way to act, so didn't complain when it was painful.  He said that at times he felt like he could cry from the pain!  But he didn't speak up.  Now he is paying for his silence.  He was due to go back for a second treatment today.  I told him to be sure and speak up if it was too painful.  I hope he isn't shy!

As for me, I am the princess and the pea.  I cannot take too much rough handling, and am more content with just resting.  I'll pass on the massage.  I've had them before, and they just aren't my thing.  It's awkward to have a stranger touching you anyway.  It might be good for you in the long run, but my delicate constitution can't take it.  :)

I wonder what the other members have to say about this topic:  Check out the risky behavior of the other consortium members.  ;)
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Grannymar said...

I've had a foot massage once and found it very relaxing. If I won the lottery (little chance since I never buy a ticket!) I would hire someone to massage my scalp every morning and my feet every evening. Bliss!

Nene said...

When I get my hair cut they massage my scalp and neck. I'm like you and have often wished I'd just speak up and tell them to skip the massage. :0+

The Old Fossil said...

Calistoga, CA, has hot springs, mudbaths and massages. That is where my wife and I had our honeymoon and they cook you until you are limp as a noodle before they begin the massage. It did not hurt a bit and was a delight.

Rummuser said...

I regularly take a full body massage from a blind masseur. One of the most relaxing things that I can think of when I am feeling jaded.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

Indians are very fond of oil massages. I've never really had that experience but I guess it must be therapeutic.