Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting My Chuckles For the Day

My son and I went out to do some errands today, and so many things kept happening that had me laughing.  I should clarify that and say that I was trying not to laugh, because I didn't want to embarrass the people who were making me laugh.  But laughter is good for the soul, so even though my chuckles were suppressed, they were still there.
First, as we were walking toward the bus stop, there was an older woman whose cell phone started ringing.  I loved that her ring tone was chinese opera music.  :)  But when she answered the phone, she couldn't hear the person who was calling.  She kept saying hello, but got no answer.  She hung up and the phone rang again.  She began to say hello again, but each time she said it, she got louder, and more angry.  It was more of a "HELLO!!".  It just made me laugh to hear her getting louder and angrier with each hello.  :D

As we were waiting for the bus, there was an older man next to me, who became concerned about a wild pack of dogs near us.  I've seen these dogs many times, and know them to be very well behaved.  In fact, I wouldn't say they are wild, because I do think they have owners, they just don't get much attention from humans.  Because they don't have interaction with humans, they basically ignore all humans.  One of the pups was really close to us and was eating some garbage off the ground.  The man started yelling at the dog to go away.  I said, "These dogs aren't concerned about us."  I think I should have used a different word in chinese, and said "they aren't paying attention to us."  He said, "They are wild dogs!  They will bite us!"  He started shooing them away.  One of the pups ran off with it's tail between it's legs.  He said, "Did you see it's tail?  It's a wild dog!"  I said, "He's just afraid."  Just then, the owner of the dogs came up.  The man, kind of embarrassed, asked about the dogs.  He tried to laugh it off.  I was chuckling to myself as well.  :)

So then we got  on the bus, and the old man came with us.  In front of his seat there was a sign laying behind some other seats.  It had either fallen from the advertising board above, or hadn't yet been put in to the holder.  I think the second is more likely.  This sign had a kind of plastic coating on it, plus another plastic over sheet on it.  The old man carefully examined the plastic, and then deftly rolled it up and stuck in in his bag.  Then he took a closer look at the sign itself.  I really think he would have taken it if he could have thought of a use for it.  lol  I fought not to laugh out loud as I watched him stealing the sign cover.

Then as the bus started going down the street, the driver gunned the engine and w were SPEEDING down the street!  As we were careening around the corner, I noticed my 19 year old son, who probably understands the male need for speed, seemed a little tense!  What can you do in that situation except for laugh?  Who needs amusement parks?  We have buses!  :)


Grannymar said...

You are having plenty of fun on the buses.

Max Coutinho said...

Indeed, you needs amusement parks.

Hi D,

It is great to see you having fun and laughing. I agree that it is great for our health.


Nene said...

People are funny - just watch them and we are never bored! :0)

Rummuser said...

Simple pleasures Delirious. Nothing to beat them.