Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Pleasure

I am late writing my post today because frankly I forgot which day of the week it was!  It's only 6:30 am California time, so even though it's 10:30 pm China time, I think I can still squeak my post in.  :)

When I think about pleasure, I think about the beach.  That is one of the places that I most love to go.  I love the sounds of the waves and the wind.  I could spend hours at the beach just walking along the water and sitting listening to the sounds.  Sometimes I wonder if those sounds are similar to the sounds of the womb.  I don't know if that's the case, but they are so relaxing to me!

I have a sister in law who was my friend in High school.  What I have always appreciated about her is her ability to find pleasure in the smallest things.  She really has the ability to find joy in everything that she does.  She is always appreciative of the little things in life.  I do think that ability makes life more pleasureable.

Some years ago a relative gave me a gratitude journal.  I really do believe that our ability to enjoy life is directly connected to our gratitude.  When we fully live in the moment, and appreciate the gifts that nature and God have given us, we can find pleasure and joy in each day.

It is my pleasure to now give you the names of the other consortium members.  Check out what they have to say about this topic!

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Grannymar said...

I too love to walk along a beach at the edge of the water, but in Ireland the sound of the lapping waves is lost in the wind whistling through my ears.

Maxi said...

A simple person with a simple life; brings such pleasure.
Blessings to you, D. ~ Maxi

Nene said...

I agree with you about our sister-in-law and have always admired that in her also.

Anonymous said...

Your sister-in-law has a good attitude to life. Some people find others with an irrepressibly sunny outlook extremely annoying - but so what - life has its share of misery, so why miss out on all the wonder and joy to be had along with it.

Rummuser said...

Walking along the sea shore or for that matter anywhere where nature is at its best, is a great pleasure indeed. And like the best of them, such pleasures are free!