Thursday, November 08, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: This Will Be My Epitaph

I've had a number of health problems throughout my life.  Some of these have ended in surgery.  I know I have one more upcoming surgery, but luckily it isn't urgent, so I have chosen to put it off for a few years.  But for some reason, maybe a lack of empathy on their part, my kids have always accused me of being a hypochondriac.  Even when a doctor has given me a real diagnosis, they can't seem to accept it, and say that I'm a hypochondriac.  I don't even think that I complain too much about my health.  And in general, I feel pretty healthy, and feel that I have a decent amount of energy.  But after all, I am 51, and no spring chicken.  Some bones just start to move a little slower after you turn 45.  Maybe my kids just need a little age on them before they realize that we aren't invincible.  But I am sure that if my kids have any say, my tombstone will say something like this:

"Her hypochondriasis killed her."

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Nene said...

Or if you ever die, you can have this put on your tombstone: See? I told you I was sick! :0P (jk)

Grannymar said...

Kids. Who would have them? LOL.

If I can just add... 51 is still very young, wait until you get to my age!!

Ursula said...

51? You could have fooled me. My mother is nearly 80 and is fitter, mentally and physically, than you sound. Sorry, harsh words. But hypochondriacs need to be shaken out of their hype. I am sure your kids will find the right words when the time comes.


Rummuser said...

If you are a hypochondriac, I am a pyromaniac. The latter of course will be cremated so where is the need for an epitaph?

Max Coutinho said...

Hi D,

LOL "Her hypochondriasis killed her" LOL no, they would do that.
If I were them, I would extol your sense of humour :).

I loved this participation of yours too (I laughed my eyes out with Rummuser's post).

Have a great weekend.

Maria from Silverfox said...

Very Clever! Being a parent does require a sense of humor and yours serves you well.

Amber said...

Kaleb always used to tease me that mine would say "I told you so!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Now you're in China you'll be able to find all sorts of weird and wonderful remedies. They may not cure you, but they might take your mind off it.

Maxi said...

Maybe the kids need to talk with the doctor themselves D. Might change their way of thinking about your health.
Blessings ~ Maxi