Friday, October 05, 2012

What's in Your Pocket?

First of all, I have to admit that this didn't come from my pocket exactly. This was in the side pocket of my purse. Still a pocket, right? Overall, I tend to carry very little in my purse. I hate having to carry a heavy bag. I carry only what I need. And in my book, I don't need makeup, I don't need an umbrella every day. I only carry what I need for the day. These few things are what I definitely need to carry each day.

First of all is my key ring. I saw some "glow in the dark" key rings for sale in Beijing, so decided to get one. But most of them had bugs inside. Even though the bugs were pretty, I was afraid they would creep me out too much. So I chose this little crab instead. Also on the key ring is a watch I bought in the Muslim market. It has two clocks on it, so I set one to California time, and one to China time. (Note: all of China is on the same time; Beijing time.)

Next is my blue bus card. It as a picture of some cartoon characters on it. The other side of it is even cuter, but I forgot to turn it over. My husband told me he would be embarassed to carry it. But I like a little cuteness in my life. That's why, when I bought the cover for my other card; my gate card, I left in the picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

I didn't put my money with this. I had a few $1 bills in there too. I keep them in there in case my bus card runs out of money without my knowing it.

What do you keep in your pocket/ pocket book?


Maxi said...

The same things will be found in a small case that I carry, D. Only these days I spend so much time at doctors I have to carry health information.
Blessings ~ Maxi

Rummuser said...

Shirt pockets; Yes I generally wear safari shirts with two pockets - cigarette packet and lighter and pen in a special compartment tailored for it; pocket book to make notes and my mobile phone. I wear shirts only with jackets so these will go into my jacket pockets when I wear shirts.

Trousers/side pockets - Handkerchief and house keys/car keys, pocket comb, a small pouch for coins and any documents that I may need to take for that particular outing and the two hip pockets will carry my wallet with money, driving license,club membership cards and credit cards.

I generally don't carry a bag or gent's pouch as I carry a cane whenever I leave the house.

Grannymar said...

At home I seldom carry a handbag. pockets are important to me and one contains my cell phone and GTN Spray. The other has what you call a coin purse with my keys attached. This fits in the palm of my hand and contains cards, coins and paper money, a list with my Doctor's details, medications I need and those I am allergic to. It also has a phone number for my next of kin.

Amber said...

i don't have pockets on my pants today, but saturday my pockets were pretty full - kleenex, a post it note with a reminder on it, blistex, my phone, and a receipt. I love your bus card and gate card cover - sooo cute!

Nene said...

We just got back from visiting Mom and Dad and on the way home decided to go to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Because I wanted to have my purse with me so I could have it when we got to the tourist shop, I carried it on one of the rim trails, but I took EVERYTHING out of it except my wallet, cell phone, lip gloss and glasses case. :0) I wish I could only carry that much all the time because I have shoulder problems. :0P