Monday, July 09, 2012

Running Away

I was reminded last night of a time when I was young when I tried to run away. My parents weren't home, and I got mad at my brothers for something. I thought if I threatened to run away, that they would realize how bad they had been. But true to form, they just teased me even more. They tried to help me pack! They even got a suitcase for me. I ranted and raved at them, and then packed up the little suitcase.

I really didn't want to run away, but I had dug myself in to a corner. So I took my bag and headed out the door. Then I quickly snuck over to the bushes by the side of the house and hid. I think eventually my brother came out looking, and laughed when he found me. I yelled at him and went back in the house, saying that they were sure going to get in trouble when our parents got home!

Last night my 14 year old got mad and said he was leaving. He had put some canned goods in his backpack, and took off down the street on his skateboard. Of course we jumped in the car to go get him, but couldn't find where he went. I decided to take the dog out and walk around to see if I could find him. As I walked, I remembered the time I ran away, and in my gut I knew that just like the bushes on the side of the house, he wouldn't go far. He didn't really want to run away, he just wanted to make a point.

It got a little creepy out there in the dark, and I thought to myself that he would probably find it a little creepy too. I also kept thinking to myself, "He really isn't going to want to have to sleep outside on the ground!" I knew that eventually reality would sink in, and he would realize how good he had it back at home. My only concern was how he would come back and "save face".

I think he was gone about an hour before he came walking back home. He came in my room and said, "I only came back because I didn't want to sleep on the ground." Yea, I know, that's exactly what I expected. And then I proceeded to tell him what would have happened if he hadn't come back. First of all, I told him, I would be knocking on the doors of all his friends. All...his...friends. In the past he has been very embarassed when I have called his friends' houses looking for him. So I knew this point would be important to make. I also informed him that at some point, if he didn't return, I would also be involving the police. He said, "Who cares? They would just bring me home." I told him that there may be more involved, and that he may even end up in juvenile detention.

But really I knew that just like me when I was a girl, he didn't really want to run away, he just wanted us to know how mad he was. I might be getting old, but I still can remember some things about being young. And I found that I'm a pretty good predictor of human behavior. But pray for me, I still have a few more years to raise this one. lol


Grannymar said...

Good idea to tell your son that he would be embarrassed, much more effective than saying you were worried.

Rummuser said...

Good that you do not suffer what I call the memory gap rather than the generation gap.

Maxi said...

I'm with Grannymar. Kids hate it when parents call their friends.
Blessings - Maxi