Thursday, June 07, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: If You Can Cure One Leper, Why Not Cure Them All?

Today's topic poses an interesting question, "If you can cure one leper, why not cure them all?". It kind or reminds me of the story of the star fish. Someone was throwing star fish in to the sea, and another person came along and asked why they were doing it. The felt that surely, that little effort wouldn't really solve the problem of the huge number of star fish that get beached. They questioned if that person's efforts really made a difference. The person threw another star fish in to the sea and replied, "It made a difference to that one star fish." While we may not really cure every leper, at least we are curing some!

But the real question behind this topic is, "Why can't we, as a world, cure all the lepers if we have the capability to cure them." The answer would be that we have not united as a planet. We as a world, have the money, technology, and supplies to cure all lepers, but typically the countries where lepers live do not have all of these things at their disposal. If we were more united as a planet, we would share what we have to relieve the suffering of those in need.

In fact, we do see many countries, individuals, businesses, and churches giving to help those in need. Every time there is a natural disaster in another country, I see groups organizing to collect money to help the victims. I have found that by and large, many people do contribute to these worthy causes. But think about how much more could be done if all countries banded together to work in unity to help. There is no problem that we could not solve. There would be an end to hunger and curable diseases.

But since we are not united as a planet, we must continue to try to do what we can, one person at a time. We may not cure all disease. We may not end all hunger. But we can make a difference in the lives of some.

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Grannymar said...

For as long as 'arms' are made, sold and used by one country to another, what hope is there of us ever curing all the world's ills?

Rummuser said...

There are always wheels within wheels Delirious. India has a large population of lepers, but my blog will tell you one of the problems.

The Old Fossil said...

I think you have given an excellent treatment of the subject. It is a difficult one and you have put together a meaningful, direct and straightforward answer.

Maria from SilverFox said...

I think it is important to continue to try and cure more and more and I applaud you for your efforts abd beliefs that if not totally possible. striving for it must continue.

Anonymous said...

As you suggest - it's a question of motivation and priorities.