Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Dark

I'm not sure if I was actually afraid of the dark when I was young, but I was definitely afraid of what could be LURKING in the dark! I remember having to have the closet light on at night so that I could sleep. My own children also liked to have the light on at night.

When my son was in kindergarten, his teacher came to me and said she was worried about him because he didn't look good. She said he was tired during class, and looked pale. I guess I'm a bad parent, because I hadn't noticed. But once she pointed it out, I realized she was right. I asked my son about it, and he said he couldn't sleep at night. He was too afraid to sleep. So I began turning on the closet light for him, and that instantly solved the problem!

As an adult, I have to admit that there are moments when I'm still a little afraid of the dark. I guess it depends on what movies I've been watching, or books I've been reading. When we lived in China, I read "Jurassic Park" while my husband was on a business trip. The velociraptors seemed so real, and the description of them was terrifying! I remember getting up to get a drink of water. I walked through the dark living room to the kitchen. After I got my water, I suddenly found my self running back through the dark living room. I could almost feel the velociraptors breathing down my neck! So I guess I can still be afraid of the dark, but at least I don't need the closet light on anymore.

I wonder if the other consortium members are in the dark. Check out their blogs and see!
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Grannymar said...

I never remember being afraid of the dark, perhaps having to watch out for my younger siblings, I had to be all 'grown up' and spent my time reassuring them that they were safe with me. Mind you, it has stood to me since I have lived alone for the past fifteen years.

Max Coutinho said...


I never had that problem, not even when I was little. I always enjoyed the dark, I only wear black and I think better at night - but perhaps that is all related to close relationship with the moon lol.

It was nice to read about the theme. I am off to Rummuser now...

Have a blessed weekend.

The Old Fossil said...

Delirious, you must be fast if you can outrun velociraptors! I'm impressed.

Delirious said...

@ The Old Fossil: lol that's perhaps what scared me the most about the velociraptors; you can't outrun them!

@ Shackman: Dang, your anonymous post didn't show up here either! :S Have you seen "Arachnophobia"? I have to admit that instead of shrieking in horror when I watched it, I found myself laughing. It was just so funny to me to think about how we adults act like ninnies when we see things like that. :D

padmum said...

Confession time....when I am in a strange place I like a light on in the night nearby...helps me navigate and be more comfortable...even in hotels.

Rummuser said...

For the last two years, I have had to leave a night lamp on in a central room so that there is some illumination for my father to move around in the night. In the initial stages, that light would keep me awake but now I am used to it. Dark never did!

Ashok said...

I happened to be reading a lot of books on criminal psychology by John E. Douglas and believe me, I still battle a fear of the dark. I guess no matter how much we grow up, we will always retain a few things with us.