Sunday, May 20, 2012


We came out of choir practice about 6:30 tonight and my husband said, "Is there something wrong with my eyes? I said, "Do they feel blurry?" Just then I looked up and said, "Whoa!" The light outside was so clear, and it looked like a white light. Then I remembered we were supposed to get an eclipse.

Someone posted a picture on facebook showing the different shaped shadows caused by the eclipse. I think we were seeing that kind of effect everywhere we looked. The light was so white, and everything seemed more clear. It reminded me of more of a fall light than a summer one. It made me almost feel I was living on another planet!

We had to visit a family from church, and while we were there, the teenagers were talking excitedly about the eclipse. We suggested they get a piece of paper and put a pinhole in it and shine the shadow on another piece of paper. They did, and they had a lot of fun. I'm glad I got them to do that, because that was all I saw of the eclipse. I have seen a few cool photos on facebook.

I wish we could have that clear strange light all the time. It was beautiful! It was as if our sun was white, instead of yellow. That was more enjoyable to me than the actual eclipse!


Grannymar said...

That sounds amazing.

Max Coutinho said...

Hi D,

We didn't see it on this side of the world, but I saw some pictures on FB and it was beautiful indeed.

I am glad you got to experience it.