Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Imagination Working Over Time

Okay, I have solid proof that I have watched one too many "I Survived" shows. Tonight I went to check on a woman with some serious health problems, and got a scare. When I got to her house, I knocked, and immediately her sister answered the door.

This sister once received some serious brain trauma. She was in a car accident and went head first through the windshield. They had to reconstruct her skull, and also her eye socket. But they weren't able to heal the brain damage. She is really screwed up mentally. But she is a nice person, and has a good heart.

The sister immediately gave me a hug. That is not normal behavior for her, so I was surprised. She told me that an ambulance had just come for her sister. I wasn't surprised, because I knew that she was having some serious health problems. In fact, I don't think she will survive this night. I could tell this sister was having some stress because of this, so when she asked me to come in and visit with her, I obliged.

When we first walked in the house, she said she almost called me by her name. I asked her why, and she said that I reminded her of herself. Then she asked me to sit down. She sat down by me and asked if she could confide in me. I told her she could, and she began to talk to me, but it was all jibberish. She was constructing sentences, but they didn't make any sense. At one point she said, "Can I see your teeth?" So I opened my mouth and let her look. THen she said, "That's what I thought, you are my "..." (I don't know the word she used.) I asked her what that was, and she said that it means "Spirit guide". She said she felt sure that I was her spirit guide. I wasn't quite sure how to respond. lol But she made me nervous talking about what that spirit guide was, when she said something about needing to kill the spirit guide. I have to tell you that at that point my heart started pounding, and I started getting scared!

SHe continued to talk jibberish for awhile, but then suddenly got up and went in to the kitchen. I kept thinking of the stories I have watched on TV about people who were attacked by others. In particular, I was remembering a story I watched today about a man who was attacked with a knife.

At this point I decided I had to leave. I was actually scared, and felt like I needed to get out of there! I said, "I'm going to go now and check on your sister in the ER." She came scurrying out of the kitchen and said, "Wait!" She had one arm behind her back. I couldn't see if she was holding something in that hand. My heart started really beating fast at that point. She slowly reached in her back pocket and as she was pulling something out asked, "Do you know how to use one of these?" She pulled out a cell phone...

My heart was beating so fast by this time that I had labored breathing. When I answered her, I"m sure it sounded breathy. lol She asked me if we could take a picture together on her cell phone. I was so relieved!! lol

Earlier, when we had been talking, we had heard a gun shot. She lives in a scary part of town. After we finished taking a picture, I started for the door. She quickly stepped up and took my hand. That kind of weirded me out, but I went with it. lol She walked me all the way out to the car, watching for danger as she went. Then I quickly got in my car and drove away. But I did notice that as I said goodbye, it was also a little breathy from my labored, frightened breathing. I really need to stop watching those scary shows. lol


Inklings said...

I would have been worried, too!

Max Coutinho said...

Hey D!

Killing the guide spirit? Oh, you must have freaked out indeed *nodding*...I bet you were strategising how to survive that situation, huh?

"She had one arm behind her back. I couldn't see if she was holding something in that hand."

LOL LOL oh, I shouldn't laugh (I am in no way mocking your fear nor this most disturbing situation)...but the way you are telling the story is funny - sorry! You were brave to stay cause I would've probably ran out of that at light speed.

lol a picture? Oh man...what a relief...

Aah, D...awesome post! Thanks for sharing this with us and yes, stop watching those shows ;).


Delirious said...

ACtually Max, I was laughing at myself all the way home. But I have to tell you, I was seriously afraid for my life! :)

Grannymar said...

My first thoughts were "Do you get any training for this sort of visiting? I would not like to send people out to do it alone.

Do take care and I hope you always have your own Cell phone handy and charged.