Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Trials of Being an Only Child

I was in the store today and overheard a conversation a woman was having with her 6 year old son.
Mom: "Well, one of the things that Daddy and I need to work on is teaching you that there are three people in our family, not just you."

At this point she looked up and saw me standing there. I think she felt she had an audience, and that this was her opportunity to show me what a good parent she was. I didn't even make eye contact with her, but she still performed for me.

Son: "Can I have some Chips Ahoy?" (chocolate chip cookies)
Mom: "Have you ever tasted them before? No, because I've never bought them for you before. They have preservatives in them! And they have all kinds of chemicals that you can't even pronounce."

I'm sure she felt she was demonstrating what a good parent she was. I just kept thinking how sad it was that he had never tasted a Chips Ahoy cookie. I don't know if I feel more sad for him that he is an only child who will have his parents' 100% attention, (meaning---more attention than most people can stand.) or that I feel sorry for him because they have extreme thinking, and want him to grow up in a bubble.


blackwatertown said...

I know what you mean. She's more right than wrong, but I wish some people would wear their rightness more lightly.

vaxhacker said...

One wonders what the conversation turned to when you were out of earshot again. :)

Part of me hopes it was "Okay, the coast is clear, let's go get your cookies."

Looney said...

He definitely needs a sibling or two.

Rummuser said...

You have inspired me to write a post on Values. It will go up anon.

Cheerful Monk said...

I know parents with more than one child who would never buy processed food. They also home school their (four) children. It seems to me you're really talking about a parenting style, not the number of children.

Max Coutinho said...


I am against having one child only, not only because of the child (who usually is spoiled and has issues with sharing) but mainly because of the parents (who, like you said, give more attention to their kid than the he/she can stand).

The more kids a person can have the merrier: it is beneficial for the children and for the parents (who never get old lol lol due to constant brain stimulation). If one cannot have them biologically then adopt.

But that's me...


Erika . . . with a K said...

I know what you mean... can't stand those helicopter parents! She thinks she is doing the right thing but he will probably just go to school and trade his lunch with friends to have some yummy treats!