Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: My Favorite Hobby

How can I pick a favorite hobby? I love all my hobbies in different ways, for different reasons. I love photography because it is a different artistic medium. I love playing the piano because I love the varying composition of music, and the way the composer makes variations on the theme. I love making cards and doing art for the chance to be creative. I love needlework because I can make something beautiful out of almost nothing. But I think for the purposes of this topic, I will choose today to write about blogging!

I have always loved the idea of having my own newspaper. I would love to draw the cartoons, and write special reports. I would love to have an "advice column", and a "Police report". I used to write regular family letters to my parents and siblings. Sometimes I would use a newspaper format to write my letters. I guess blogging, for me, is kind of like having my own newspaper. I can write about whatever I like, and update family and friends on my life. And I love reading blogs written by friends and family. My parents don't want the internet in their home because they are afraid of having their identity stolen. They have no idea how much they are missing by not reading the blogs written by their children!

I have a handful of different blogs. Some I update regularly, and others I update only on occasion. But after all, I'm not a professional blogger, so if I don't update some of them, it isn't the end of my blogging career. at one point, mainly out of curiosity, I put some ads on my blog. I don't blog to make money, but I thought that if it brought in money, that would just be the icing on the cake. But the ads were so annoying to me that I removed them. I'm not doing this to make my million. That's probably a good thing since I don't have a large readership. lol

I have enjoyed making friends through blogging. I've had some very interesting conversations, and have learned about different customs and countries through reading blogs. It's so fun to think that I have blogging friends in India, Ireland, England, and throughout the U.S.
I have also been able to impart some of my knowledge. I've been able to dispel myths about my religion. I've been able to share photos and recipes. I've been able to play word games, and share family history. What a wonderful world we have in the blogosphere!

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Nene said...

I think you should put an advice column on your sidebar. :0)

Delirious said...

lol Nene,
Actually, that would be a fun Word Joust game. Give a problem and have everyone be the columnist to give the advice. lol

Rummuser said...

I agree with Nene. You can carry your hobby to becoming a free of charge agony aunt!

Inklings said...

I love blogging, too.

Ursula said...

You know what I like about your blog (and your comments)? You write from the heart. Not a false note in it. It's comforting.

And yes, maybe blogging is a great substitute for the newspaper you dreamed of.


Delirious said...

Thank you Ursula for your kind comments. The other day I got an email from a professional blogger asking if I would like to pay for her service to help me write better. It kind of made me realize that I do have some writing flaws that have crept in. In blogging you aren't graded, so if you have a badly constructed paragraph, there is no one to tell you unless a commentor does. But I think that writing from the heart is more important in the long run.

blackwatertown said...

I should have said in my own LBC post on hobbies that mine was reading blogs like this one.
As with the one I did mention, I don't give it enough time either.

padmum said...

Strange...I too have listed blogging as my hobby. For me music goes beyond an interest or pastme. It is like breathing...I just have to have music on or I am singing!! Never bother about neighbour's. In fact this is a trait all four siblings in my family share--got it from our mother.

Grannymar said...

Blogging opens so many doors, how did we ever live without it?

Write from your heart, and as the song says.. Stay as sweet as you are!