Saturday, March 17, 2012

Eating Out

We went to the city to get some visas and enjoyed some Korean food while we were there. I LOVE Korean food! I grumble about some of the things in my State, but I sure love living in a diverse culture where we can step in to "Japan town", or "China Town", or just about any other culture for the day. I have to confess that the group picture is staged. We thought it would be much more interesting if we were holding our chopsticks. But as you can see from the picture, all of the food is already eaten. lol


Looney said...

I am prejudiced, but don't want to be ... Koreans seem to be the least happy. Did you get any service with a smile?

Delirious said...

Actually Looney our Korean waitresses have always been cheerful. But calculate your tip incorrectly and you will see the demon side. lol

Rummuser said...

What will you do when you pose after an Indian meal?

Max Coutinho said...


You have a lovely family.
I haven't tasted Korean cuisine yet; does it have a lot of meat in it?

Delirious said...

@Ramana: Eating Indian food would yield a little less dramatic of a picture because in the States we eat it with a fork. :)

@Max: Yes, Korean food does have quite a bit of barbecued meat, served with rice. Usually you wrap the meat in a leaf of lettuce when you eat it. They also serve "Kimchi" which is a myriad of different kinds of preserved vegetables. It is usually spicy! But you can eat strictly vegetarian KOrean food if you want.