Thursday, February 02, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Perceptions

As I read the topic for today, I had a flashback to my childhood, and our investigations with perception. In particular, we were interested in "extra sensory perception". My brother "Twist" got an "ESP" game, and we would spend hours trying to develop our extra sensory perception. The game had a tall board that we would stand up in between us as a barrier so that we wouldn't be able to see the clues on the other side of the board. One person would hold a deck of symbol cards, and hold one up at a time, and ask the other person (who was on the other side of the board) to identify which symbol they were holding. We tried so hard to get the right answer! We were all convinced that we had innate ESP abilities, but we just hadn't been able to foster them. lol

In my family there were stories told of family members who seemed to have this "gift". I think this convinced us that we had inherited some abilities, and we were eager to prove them. There was one story about my grandfather, and how he raised up in the middle of the night and shot his gun. The next morning there was discovered a dead mouse on the floor. Another thing he would do was to mentally connect with one of his daughters. He would play a game where he would say to some of the kids, "I can call 'Lete' here without using my mouth." Then he would send her a "mental" message. After a few minutes, she would come innocently in to the house and ask if he had called her. This was not prearranged, and to this day she stands firm that he indeed did have some kind of way of communicating with her mentally.

My youngest brother was only about 2 years old when he asked my mother for his "doggy". She told him she didn't have a dog. He kept insisting. Awhile later she went out to the mail and saw that my brother had gotten a birthday card from my grandparents. On the front was a picture of a dog. Coincidence?

I did notice that my daughter seemed to read my thoughts when she was small. One day I was laying on the couch, and I began to think about the possibility of making homemade pretzels. I had bought some special salt to use, and I was thinking about how nice it would be if I could learn to make them. This sparked a memory in me, and I remembered when my mother one time made homemade graham crackers. She even pricked them with a fork to make them look like the real thing. As I was thinking all this over, my daughter came to me and said, "I want a graham cracker." I hadn't said anything out loud, but she had somehow perceived what I was thinking about.

One last experience that came as quite a surprise to me. I was looking everywhere to find a used "secretary" desk to buy. I spent about a month going to thrift stores and looking at garage sales. I was so intent on this, and felt it would really help me get organized. I thought about this so much during that month! Sometime later, my mother in law came to town, and told me she had brought me a present. It was a secretary desk! What are the odds that she would coincidentally happen to bring this unique and odd item?

I do think there are perception abilities that often go unrecognized. Maybe if we all were a little more sensitive to the thoughts and feelings we have, we would find that we have more perceptive abilities than we know!

Now go and see what kinds of perceptions our consortium members are talking about. :)
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Nene said...

As a child, it seemed like Gilbert Girl read my thoughts many, many times. I would even test her on it and she always came through. It slowly faded away as she got older, however one time I decided to try for 2 week to see if she still had it. She came so close it could hardly have been called a coincidence.

Grannymar said...

I can tell if a girl is pregnant, even before she is aware of it herself. So if you think you might be.... don't look me in the eye! :lol:

padmum said...

Delirious--you have to be tuned in to really have these experiences...the power of the mind is only now being really explored.

I remember seeing the Ouija Board being used but I always thought that it was too eerie and unhealthy.

Yes! We do have this uncanny sense of connecting with somebody miles away and immediately we tend yto be connected--it happens with my brothers and my daughter.

Rummuser said...


I better be careful when you are around. You may read my mind!

The Old Fossil said...

Delirious, I think you are spot on! One example is a niece of mine standing in the yard with her family when a plane flew over. She was about 5 or 7. She said, simply, "He's really mad at her." When asked who, she said, "The main in the plane that just flew over."

No way to prove it, but that isn't the random comment you expect from a kid!

The Old Fossil said...

Uh, that would be "The man in the plane that just flew over."

Fingers or brain? I never know which. LOL

Delirious said...

Wow, I would watch your niece to see how this develops in her as she grows! I hope it won't disappear with age.

Vid said...

ESP's fake. You think about thousands of things a day; the odds are very good that once in a while something will happen that invokes a thought you had recently. Just remember that you also think about (way more) things that never coincide with what later happens.

The Old Fossil said...

Vid, I am a former Science Teacher and know the scientific method. Most of what we ascribe to ESP will not stand up under scientific scrutiny, but I have had rare events that actually would, events beyond most of what is described as ESP. I simply can't call them forth at will, nor have they been common for me.

blackwatertown said...

My mother can do this. She can tell when I'm cold, even when I can't myself.

"Are you not cold? You must be cold."

"No I'm fine - well, I was... until you said I was cold. Now I'm cold. Aaargh."

Every time.