Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Most Fun Job

My son got his wisdom teeth out today, and I think the most fun job would be to be one of the nurses that cares for the patients after surgery. I think they feel obligated to keep a professional demeanor, and not laugh, but I could tell it was hard for them to supress the laughter when they were listening to my son. :) Even the doctor smiled, but didn't allow himself to laugh out loud. But I could tell it was an effort. lol

My son couldn't stop talking while he was recovering. At one point the doctor told me that if he kept talking, his jaws were going to be sore later. I tried to convince my son to be quiet, but he couldn't control his talking. He kept trying to use sign language to communicate with me, but he would talk as he signed. lol He didn't lose his own sense of humor through it because he was even making puns. At one point he said to the doctor, "You look sharp. ...Get it?" The doctor, was quick, and realized the reference to the needles he had used. He replied, "Good point." (I know, the puns are lame, but that's what you get with a drugged up kid. lol) It's amazing how well the doctor could understand what he was saying. My son's mouth was full of gauze, and numb from anesthesia, and he couldn't speak very well, but the doctor seemed to understand every word.

Whenever the nurses would come by, my son would try to get their attention by saying, "Hey pretty lady!". One time the nurse was standing explaining post-op procedures to me when my son called out to her. She didn't reply because she was talking to me. So he reached out his stocking covered foot to poke her. lol

The funniest thing that happened was when the nurse said she was going to take out the I.V. My son has a little bit of a needle phobia. He said, "Needle!!!" She said, "No, there isn't a needle, just a catheter." She then started to take off the tape, and said, "This is the worst part." But as she was talking, I noticed my son holding his crotch. I said, "Do you need to go to the bathroom?" In his mumbled, gauze filled mouth garble he answered, "No, the catheter!" I said, "She isn't going to put one in, she is taking one out!" LOL

My son asked me to video this for him. But I don't know how to upload it to this computer, so I might have to wait until he can help me. I have one more kid that will probably need this procedure. I can hardly wait. :D


Grannymar said...

Talk of wisdom teeth extraction makes me wince. I was living in Germany when my impacted wisdom teeth needed to be removed. An injection to numb the gums was all I was given.

I was warned of pain once the numbness wore off. Boy! Was it bad? I woke at 4a.m. having drained half a bottle of whiskey. I didn't like whiskey then and I still don't, but it knocked me out and I had relief for a few hours.

I turned in for work the next morning looking like a well wrung out dishcloth, my boss took one look at me, gave me a script for painkillers, put me in a taxi and said not to return for a week!

Vid said...

Slightly unrelated, bu I love your use of "lol". It's like it's an extension of the punctuation mark.

Nene said...

I saw a video on FB the other day about "Mormons under anesthesia" or something like that. Did you see that? I didn't watch it because I didn't have time at the moment. It was about Mormons at the dentist I think and the funny things they say. Or did I just scan FB too fast and it was actually your video of your son?

Rummuser said...

My wisdom teeth have not been extracted. Does that mean that I am not wise nor likely ever to be?

I am like your son. I can't resist pretty nurses and lady doctors. I am normally very quiet around male doctors, but see me go around the lady ones!