Saturday, November 26, 2011

Unexpected Vacation

My husband needed to go on a business trip this past weekend, and decided to invite my 18 year old son to come along. He has taken my other two older children on trips before, but hadn't taken this son yet. He needed to go to Raleigh, North Carolina. He found that he had enough frequent flyer miles to pay for my son's airplane ticket, so it was a great opportunity.

Their coming home flight was scheduled to fly to Washington, D.C. on the way home. I commented that it was too bad they couldn't fly there one day early and spend a day sightseeing. They had a rental car (which my husband had a free coupon for), and it had to be returned to the agency in Raleigh. They couldn't rearrange their tickets, so my husband decided to drive the 6 hours to Washington. They drove there at night so they could spend the bulk of the next day sightseeing.

I am so happy that they got to see the Capitol building, the White house (couldn't take a tour though, that requires permission from your congressman), the Washington monument, and much of the Smithsonian. They went to the natural history part, the American history part, and the air and space museum. My son was fascinated by everything he saw. They drove the 6 hours back that night so that they could meet their plane the next morning. It was a lot of driving, but I think it was worth it to them!

Oh, and they got to go to a Civil War battlefield while in North Carolina. While it wasn't the most exciting thing to see, I do think it was a good experience for my son. Most importantly, it gave them some time together. Time will tell where my husband takes child #4! :)


Rummuser said...

Nothing like that kind of male bonding between father and son. When I can do something with my son, even now, when he is 40, there is a special feeling quite unlike any other experience.

Grannymar said...

What a wonderful experience, I bet your son will never forget it!

Nene said...

I'm sure it will be something you son will always remember. How fun for them!