Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We didn't decorate as much for Halloween this year. I had my older son climb up in to the storage area in our garage, but he couldn't get to all of the decorations, so we did without. But we did stretch a pretty cool spider web across our front porch, and put a large velvety spider in it. I missed my other decorations though.

The neighbors across the street really like to decorate big for Halloween. My 18 year old is friends with their son, and so they gathered a group of their friends to help them decorate. All of the teenagers dressed up in scary costumes and wandered about the yard all night. They had scary music playing too. Some kids loved it, and others wouldn't even go to that house! But the teenagers had a blast.

I felt kind of bad for my 13 year old. He's at the age where some people think he shouldn't be trick-or-treating. I could tell he was torn by the desire to go, and the feeling he shouldn't. I've never put a limit on my kids in this matter, but have let them decide. He said he was just going to walk around with his other friends who weren't trick-or-treating. I didn't like that sound of that. I told him that kids like that end up doing things they shouldn't. So he said he would trick-or-treat. But he came home pretty early, so I think the friends influenced him not to. I could tell he felt out of sorts, not knowing what to do with this halloween. Finally he took off out the door to do a little trick-or-treat'ing on our street. I think he would have been just as happy if the teenagers would have let him join them, but he was uncomfortable asking. I guess it's all part of growing up. Oh, and I should say that I had several groups of kids his age come to my door.

In years past, there were some home owners around the corner who went all out for Halloween. They decorated their front yard, and invited their adult friends to dress in costumes and come help them celebrate. There would be ghosts and ghouls creeping all over their yard. They had music, lights, and fog machines. There were two other neighbors who followed suit. People loved to come to that court to trick-or-treat. But they moved away, and the "party" ended. Since then, we don't get as many trick-or-treaters as before. But I have a large plastic "cauldron" that I fill with candy, and I gave most of it away!

I got a good costume idea for my husband's next halloween costume. I'm going to dress him up like Elvis! :D


Becky said...

Sounds like you had a fun evening! We had quite a few older teenagers come, and not so many younger kids. And we didn't even start decorating until after 6:30 PM, partly because it was pouring down rain all day (fortunately it stopped around 6), and partly because we weren't sure what was "normal" for this new neighborhood. And then all we did was put out a couple of pumpkins, run a string of lights along the porch/walkway, and hang a spider from the doorknob. Wayne thought it was pretty lame, so I guess we'll be doing a better job next year. The way you celebrate Halloween definitely is different without little kids!

Max Coutinho said...


Belated Happy Halloween :D!

LOL dressing your husband as Elvis? You kill me...lol.

As for your son, he should trick-or-treat: age has nothing to do with it - it is a fun moment, and he is in the age of having fun :D.

Loved this post!

Othersideblue said...


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I WISH you and your family a nice Happy Halloween !

Nene said...

We only had 2 trick or treaters - both were my granddaughters! I think because we live in a more rural neighborhood - the houses sit far back from the street, and they are farther apart - that the kids don't like to come in our area. Plus we don't have sidewalks.

When my boys got to the age of your son they had dilema's on whether they should go or not also. I used to tell them they could still dress up and answer the door and hand out the candy. They liked that idea and we would put a cd player in the living room window (by the front door) with scary music on it. They had a great time! :0)

Nene said...

PS. I think your husband would make a great Elvis! My husband says he will dress up if he gets to ok a costume, but I can never think of anything. One year I thought about us going as Mario and Luigi, but we didn't have the stuff to wear. When we went to the Trunk-or-Treat we saw another couple had decided to come as them, so maybe it was better we didn't. :0)

Rummuser said...

Great idea to dress your husband as Elvis. What about you?