Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Relax

Why does Friday always sneak up on me? Well here goes my take on today's topic:

For as long as I can remember, I've always had the ability to relax. I can remember as a young girl, teaching myself to relax. I would start with my toes, and focus and concentrate on relaxing them. I would then move to my calves, and would move or shift however necessary to make them completely relaxed. I continued doing this with each higher body part. By the time I got to my head, I would be in a total state of relaxation. No one taught me to do this. It was instinctive, and made sense to me. It wasn't until I was an adult that I learned that this is a method often taught by doctors.

I think this ability to relax also makes me more susceptible to hypnosis. When I was in a psychology class in college, the teacher told us he was going to put us in a relaxed state, a mild state of hypnosis. He said, "If anyone is opposed to this, you may leave the room." Being LDS, I wasn't sure how my religion viewed hypnosis, and I was very hesitant to participate. At the same time, I was embarrassed to get up and leave. I finally decided that I would sit there, but I wouldn't participate.

The teacher had us close our eyes. Then he began to tell us to relax. I sat there ignoring him the best I could. At one point he started counting back from 10. I was waiting for him to finish counting so that he could finish the exercise. When he reached 1, suddenly the room started to spin! I had to grab on to my desk to keep myself from falling out of my chair! As it turns out, I am more susceptible to hypnosis than I knew!

Occasionally when I go to the doctor, my blood pressure is a little high. They always give me a second chance to take it, and tell me to relax for a few minutes. I have the upper hand because I know something the nurses do not know. I know that I have an incredible ability to relax. And so I sit there and focus for a minute or two, and I am able to drop my blood pressure significantly; by even 10 points. Now the trick is to learn to live in that relaxed state!

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Inklings said...

We knew a guy who was a clinical hypnotist. He was always trying to hypnotize everyone, but I didn't want him to. He told me once there were only 2 people in his life he couldn't hypnotize. One was me, and the other was my sister-in-law's mother. He would start hypnotizing one person in the room, and everyone would go under except the two of us.
He used to say that Dee Ice was hypnotized as soon as he heard he was in town. :0) He died several years ago, though.

Grannymar said...

That exercise never worked for me although I know several people who swear by it to relax them. I never fancied being hypnotized and thankfully nobody ever tried.

Vid said...

If you want to relax... remember that LDS is just LSD spelled backwards.

Rummuser said...

Delirious, what you need to is to reverse roles and listen carefully to this song -

padmum said...

Actually in Yoga we do just that--start relaxing from toe upwards and concentrate on each joint, limb and organ and finally on our breath. This is called 'shavasana' or the corpse pose!

In fact meditation nad deep breathing is highly recommended for bringing the blood pressure down.

Have never had any hypnotic experiences though. Lovely post as usual.

Dee Ice Hole said...

I can relax pretty well myself. If I relax I simply go to sleep---in less than a minute.

Nene said...

If I can't go to sleep at night, I just design quilts in my head. :0) I guess that is relaxing to me.