Saturday, October 22, 2011


Sally got groomed this last week. I took this picture a couple of days later, so don't pay attention to the fact that she needs another brushing. My neighbor did this grooming for me. THAT is a wonderful service to me!
While she was grooming her, she noticed that there was a sore on Sally's foot. She came back the next day, and took Sally in the back yard and soaked her foot in epsom salts. She clipped the hair around the open sore, and then brought her in the house to show me. I lifted up her paw, and as I did, my neighbor and I both saw something come sticking out of the wound! Kim grabbed it and pulled it out. It was a small piece of stick, about the width of a toothpick, but only about 1/2" long. The next morning she came back to check on her, and the wound was healed over! She is not only a good dog groomer, but she definitely has some innate veternarian skills! If you look carefully in the second picture, you can see the healed over sore on her right front foot.


Nene said...

She's really a pretty dog!

Grannymar said...

Glad your neighbour discovered the 'foreign object' the the dogs foot. It could have turned nasty.

Rummuser said...

Nice to have such a neighbour with the healing touch. As you probably know, my son does a lot of such patch work on the street dogs around our neighbourhood and he is usually helped by a group of animal lovers. I think that such an interest/activity makes him a better human being.