Monday, October 24, 2011

Bright Spots

I had a couple of bright spots in my day yesterday. First of all, the wild turkeys finally made their way to my front yard! But by the time I got my camera, they had migrated next door. I didn't have the right lens, so these aren't the best pictures, but it was fun to see them here. They got a little nervous and flew on top of my neighbor's house. We left them alone at that point because I didn't want them going in my back yard for Sally to eat!
Later in the evening, a friend from church brought me some cookies, and this cute little autumn bouquet that she made. Isn't it sweet? :)


Nene said...

Cute pumpkin bouquet!

Inklings said...

I really like it, too.

Grannymar said...

The pumpkin craze is slowly reaching this side of the Pond. I have yet to carve one.