Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Things I Don't Tell About Myself

Wow, I didn't realize it was Friday until I saw some of the other consortium members' posts on my blog roll. I really need to check the calendar more often. Today's topic is brought to us by Anu and Gaelika.

Contrary to what others have written on this subject, my post will not be a "tell all". I actually am a pretty open person, and feel comfortable discussing my feelings about almost any topic. I'm pretty confident, and don't mind talking. But at the same time, I realize that I am kind of a private person in some ways. I don't let too many people get very close. I have very few "best friends" in life because I am very private. If I don't talk about certain things, it's because I don't want other people to know! So I'm certainly not going to talk about them here. :P lol

Along with being private, I am very independent. I have a neighbor who doesn't like to do any activity unless she has invited another family or friend along. My husband and I cringe at the thought of having to have an activity with other people. We would rather just take our little family and go alone. Call us anti-social, but we just are so happy when we have some time just for our family. So I think that "anti-social" personality trait just adds to the private personality trait.

Having said all that, I do still think I'm pretty open about most things. Is there anything I haven't already written about? I've written about almost every topic under the sun. The only ones I haven't written about myself are the ones I"m not telling. :p lol

Now go and see what the other Consortium members have to say about this issue!

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Maria from SilverFox said...

Nice to want to just spend time with your family. As you know, they scatter much too soon. As to telling us some deep dark secret, well, it simply is not important. I had a lot of fun writing my post without hurting anyone or confessing to being an axe-murderer. For the record I am NOT an axe murderer nor have I ever fantisized being one. LOL

Ursula said...

Maria, you are NOT an axe murderer? Are you sure? Maybe you are just blanking bad memories. Be careful next time you open a cupboard. You might find a skeleton (of a mouse).

Delirious, as you say, being private and open at the same time are not mutually exclusive. However, if for no other reason than aesthetical ones, some things are best kept to oneself. Will pick up the thread you know where.


PS Do you remember our recent exchange on how a pet and its owner often start to look alike in later years? What strikes me about you and your dog: You both look so calm and gentle. Peachy, and quite at peace. The one lasting distinguishing feature between the two of you, I dare say, will be your noses.

Rummuser said...

And now you have finally kindled that curiosity about what you have not written. Come on, out with them.

padmum said...

Openess is fine--you don't need to cry on any available shoulder or laugh with any company--real or virtual. We do have our veils that hide some bits of our life--sometimes even from those closest to us.

Grannymar said...

The secrets are secrets we all have one or two, best kept to ourselves.