Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cool, Clear Water

This time of year, where I live, the water gets really nasty. I don't know how this works exactly, but my understanding is that the Delta water backs up in to our drinking water. I've never tasted water from a fish bowl, but I think that's how our water tastes. It's REALLY bad! Some summers we don't notice it at all, but this year it is enough to gag you. Some years ago I bought a water filtration system that hooks up to the faucet. It worked really good, but broke. I replaced it, and that one eventually broke. I found another one at a reasonable price, so I bought one a month ago. I can't believe how wonderful the water is now!

For my birthday, my step-mother in law gave me a $50 gift card to a local houseware store. I bought two nice lawn chairs on sale for $20 each, and then I saw the perfect thing to buy with my remaining $10. I bought a filtration pitcher! Now I have filtered water in my master bathroom! Do you know how many pills and vitamins we have taken with nasty fishbowl water? Now I can actually swallow the pill without grimacing! Isn't technology wonderful!


Nene said...

We have a water well, and well, the water isn't exactly tasty. We have a house water infiltration system and then another water filter on the fridge (water through the door) and it still tastes dusty to me. So we were trying to decide which was cheaper: buying cases of water bottles from Sam's (we buy 4 cases at a time) or buying a water cooler and then just getting the gallon bottles. It actually came out about the same, so we went with buying cases of water bottles since those are handier. I do use the water from the tap for cooking, I just can't drink it. We also recycle the bottles.

Rummuser said...

We have two sources of water for daily use, the municipal supply and during shortages our own bore well. Both naturally taste differently and to ensure that there is some consistency and also to eliminate possible pollution, almost all homes have water purifiers installed for drinking water. I use a reverse osmosis mini plant as my father has particularly well developed taste buds and complains when the taste of the water changes. Ever since I installed the RO filter, he has not!

Buer Well Drilling said...

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Max Coutinho said...


Technology is amazing.

As you told us about how nasty your water tastes like; I was reminded of the water in is also terrible, unless you filter it, of course. So, I know what you mean.

Have a great week!