Monday, August 01, 2011

What I Ate

I've been following a craft blog of a woman who regularly posts pictures of what she wore that week. Tonight I just had the urge to talk about what I've been eating! Is that weird? Anyway, we are having such great summer meals that I just wanted to talk about them. :)

Last week I went to a joint-congregation women's meeting where we had a picnic, and a class on grilling. Maybe I come from Mars, but I've never grilled before. I've grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, but that's about it. This class was really good, and just showed how simple grilling can be. Here is a list of what he grilled:
--zuchinni and summer squash brushed with olive oil
--pineapple (wow was that good!)
--ears of corn--placed directly on the grill with no greenery on them.
--peach halves filled with thick balsamic vinegar

It was a simple menu, but really good, so I decided to make it for my family. I decided to add shish-ka-bobs to it, and put mushrooms, chicken meatballs (that I got on sale), chicken sausage, green bell peppers, red onion, and summer squash on the skewers. It all tasted pretty good to me! At one point my husband said, "Didn't you cook any carbs?" Nope! Didn't need them!

Tonight I cooked some chicken breasts with sweet chili sauce on them. (part honey, part asian chili sauce) I also made some more corn on the cob, and some small artichokes that I got on sale 2 for $1.00. I was recently thumbing through an old Martha Stewart Living magazine, and saw a tomato tart that she made. I didn't follow her recipe, but I decided to just make my own version. I made half of a pizza dough recipe, and put the dough on a pizza pan. I have some basil growing in some containers on my front porch, and had pinched back quite a bit, so I threw that in the food processor with some walnuts, olive oil, garlic, and parmesan cheese and made a pesto. I put that on the pizza dough. Then I thinly sliced some tomatoes and laid on top. I cooked it until it was nicely browned. It was actually quite mild, but I thought it was the perfect addition to the rest of the meal. Sometimes pizza sauce overpowers everything for me.
It was a really yummy meal.

As I type I'm eating some watermelon. I just love summer foods! I'm not really a fan of the heat, but I am a fan of the foods that are available in the summer time. I've been really enjoying the fresh squash and cherry tomatoes from my garden. I can't wait until my egg plant is fully grown.

Last night my husband made a sort of Thai chicken curry for dinner. It had coconut milk, bamboo shoots, chicken, and red curry paste in it. Yum!

So that's what we've been eating this week. How about you?


Max Coutinho said...

Hey D,

Ok, I have to agree: you come from Mars. What do you mean you had never grilled before?
Grilled zuchinni, aubergine (egg plant), pineapple and tomato, with boiled potato and goat cheese salad sprinkled with chopped parsley (seasoned with a dressing made of ginger, dijon, a zest of salt, honey, soya sauce, olive oil and a bit of either lemon or vinegar) is simply divine!!

I love Thai chicken curry! When I lived in London, I was a regular at the Thai restaurant...delicious.

D, I love summer and summer dishes as well; so I know what you mean.

What have I been eating? Salads (including the one I described above), pizzas of all kinds (last week I ate one made of watercrest and goat cheese...super delicious), lots of smoked salmon with coulommiers cheese and tones of fruit.

Enjoy summer!


Rummuser said...

I have certainly been cooking some fancy stuff for my father and my son, but I have been eating the regular mundane, everyday food of unleavened flat bread, lentils, vegetables, green salads, rice, yogurt and fruits.

Stick said...

I have been eating scout camp food all week, so I'm not sure what most of it was supposed to be.