Wednesday, August 17, 2011

High Tech Dentistry

I went in for a dental cleaning today and found that I had a cracked filling. They were able to take care of that while I was there. They have new technology that is amazing! First of all, they use a tiny needle, that you can barely feel. Instead of injecting in to your jaw, they inject right around the tooth. It worked really great and didn't hurt!! THen they had a camera hooked up to show me before and after pictures. Maybe I'm just a little slow in getting to this, but I think it's great! You do have some tenderness in your gums for a day or so, but it's sure better than the old painful needles!


Nene said...

My dentist, and his assistant, can give the numbing shots and they NEVER hurt! I'm not lying. I don't know how they do it. I told my dentist one day after he numbed my mouth that he was the best I had ever seen! :0)

Rummuser said...

Synchronicity! I have been parading to the dentist too, escorting my father.