Monday, August 29, 2011

Canning Apples

I have a "green apple" tree in my back yard, that produces very well. In years past I tried bottling applesauce, but the effort it took wasn't worth the small amount of applesauce it produced. It was easier and cheaper to just buy applesauce! Some years, because of health problems, or time constraints, I haven't done anything with the apples, and they have rotted on the ground.

My Sally dog loves them, and will play with them like with a ball. She picks them up and throws them for herself, and then will sit down and take little bites off of them. I haven't noticed them hurting her digestion at all, so I don't mind if she eats them. The squirrels have really been enjoying them this year, as do the bluejays.

Last spring we pruned this tree back quite a bit. Now we are getting even bigger apples! I decided I couldn't let these beautiful apples go to waste! I picked a couple of large bowls full and bottled some apple pie filling.

I had a couple of problems because 3 of my bottles didn't seal properly. I bought a brand of lid that I don't normally buy, and I will never buy again! I had to empty two of the bottles in to freezer bags, and had to freeze it. I had one more bottle left that I put in the fridge. Tonight I made "Apple Crisp" out of it. It was SOOOOOOO good! I think I'm going to go do another batch!

Click here if you would like to try the applie pie filling recipe that I used. Click here if you would like to make apple crisp. I didn't put the nuts in my recipe.

Remember, you won't get fat unless you make this often. ;)


Grannymar said...

Are they tart apples? We use them for tart making or you could make Apple Jelly

Nene said...

One time I bought a bushel of apples and when I went to pick them up they gave me THREE BUSHELS for the price of one! They said they did that because a lot of the apples were bruised, and there were some, but not a lot. Anyway, I had apples out the kazoo! I bottle applesauce and apple pie filling. I loved having both of those in my pantry. I used the applesauce mostly to make apple sauce bread and cake, but I also like applesauce on my pancakes. :0)I wished I had tried apple butter and don't know why I didn't. I wish I had an apple tree now.

Inklings said...

I used to mke apple pie filling when I had apples too - so good! It's nice to have on hand.