Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Social Work

I haven't been attending to my blogs as much as before because I've been busy with my church assignment. I am what we call the "Relief Society president". I think I wrote about this once before, but I can't remember. I am the president of the women's organization in our congregation. In some ways, this is very similar to a type of social worker. I help people with problems, and also help with the church welfare system. I oversee the Sunday lessons, a monthly visiting program, and any activities we might have. I have two counselors who each divide up the responsibility with me in overseeing those things. I also have a secretary that keeps everything running in order.

I was Relief Society president before, but the demographic makeup of our congregation was much different then. I'm coming across situations that are much different than last time. I am learning about new things like alzheimer's, and long term care facilities. And although some of the women I know from the last time I was president, many of them are new to me. Even though I've had this assignment once before, It's still a big learning experience all around for me.

Lately I've been spending a lot of time visiting some women in our congregation, and giving rides to others. I've also been quite busy helping with food orders for some of the families in our Ward. In today's economy, many people have been hit hard, and need a little extra help now and then.

I also have a number of meetings that I must attend. Most Sunday mornings finds me attending a correlation meeting with the men leaders. After our 3 hour block of regular church meetings, I sometimes have other meetings that I need to attend. Every other week I hold a meeting with my counselors and secretary to plan the activities for the women, and to discuss any needs. This might all sound like a lot of busy work, but really it is all needed to keep this organization running smoothly.

My favorite part of my "calling" is getting the chance to serve others. Being able to help people, and listen to their troubles, is very satisfying. It gives me a chance to practice being "Christlike", and to reach out in kindness to others. I am getting to know women who I normally might not have had the chance to get to know, or serve. I'm finding that many of them have as many spiritual needs as they do temporal ones. Sometimes they just need a listening ear.

So although my time might be more limited now, I do feel like what I'm doing is very worthwhile. So if you don't see my posts as often as before, just know that I'm probably busy helping and making sure everything gets done. :)


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Grannymar said...

Listening is very important for all of us. I feel a post coming on....

Thanks pal!