Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Guilty Pleasures

Do I have to feel guilty about it for it to be a "guilty pleasure"? (she says as she puts another handful of caramel popcorn in her mouth.) Today's topic feels like a confessional! I lead such a charmed life that I have many guilty pleasures to choose from.

I would have to say that for me, the topic of "guilty pleasures" relates more to food than to anything else. I don't drink or smoke. I don't gamble, and I keep the ten commandments. Being a "latter-day saint", I don't even drink coffee or tea. But if there is one thing I can do well, it is EAT!

I have to confess that I don't really watch my diet. I eat whatever I want, and as much as I want. That's probably why I would get stuck in a submarine hatch once my belly reached the top. I actually think that in many ways I eat healthy food. I eat lots of vegetables, and not much meat. I eat a fair amount of fruit, and drink lots of water. But my one secret love in life is CANDY.

I think I inherited this "candy gene" from my father. He also loves candy, and when I was a girl, he always had candy stashed around the house. He had a peanut can in his car that he had filled with candy. It sat right on the seat beside him as he drove. He was a church leader (stake president), and had to hold meetings with other leaders often. He always had a jar of jawbreakers that he kept on hand at the meetings. One man said, "If there is one thing I learned from him, it was how to pray with a jawbreaker in my mouth." :) My Dad also had a container of candy next to his bed, and he always had candy in his pockets. How could I not grow up loving candy?

Okay, here comes the confession part. I have many hiding places all over the house where I stash candy and goodies. I found that if I don't hide them, the kids eat them up in one day. If I hide them, I can dole them out slowly. Whenever my kids get a craving for something sweet, they come to me and say, "All right Mom, where is your candy hidden?" Sometimes they have found my stashes, and many of my hiding places they already know. But because I rotate them, they forget about them.

So now you know the real truth. I am a candy/goodie-holic. I may someday become diabetic, and when I do, I will adjust. But in the mean time, I'm sure enjoying my guilty pleasure!

Now go check out what the other consortium members have to say about this issue!

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Grannymar said...

I too will confess to having a sweet tooth and needing a sugar rush. At times dark chocolate with marzipan is the only thing to fit the need. Now where did I put the bar....?

Maria said...

You brought back a wonderful memory of my mother who hid her candy wrappers under the couch cushions. She always protested that they were not hers, but we all knew they were and her protests were so half-hearted that they really didn't qualify as lies.

I think we all have food guilt. For me it is salty things like peanuts and popcorn.

Rummuser said...

That reminds me of the story of two friends who decide to consult their priest about smoking. The first one comes out and says, no, I failed, but you go and try your luck. The second fellow goes in and comes out grinning and says he is a great chap. What was the difference? The first one asks if it was alright to smoke while praying and the other asks if it was alright to pray while smoking.

Anu said...

I hear you when you say that this post feels like a confessional. I felt the same when I was writing my contribution.

In your case you had your dad with the stacked candy can. In my case it was my maternal gran'pa. I miss going to Calcutta (A city in east India, thats where my maternal gran'parents stay) during the summer holidays. I always managed to find out the place where he hid the jar and would dread the time when he would say, "Let me get you a candy", because he would be getting me candies out of a jar I had already emptied!!! =)

Enjoyed your post!

Conrad said...

LOL We Presbyterians always said that we marched to God on our stomachs!