Sunday, July 03, 2011

Eating Well

I went to the wedding of one of my husband's nieces this week, and was invited to go out to dinner with the bridal party. We went to "Horatio's" in Oakland. It was really good!

I always tell my husband that I feel like I have this knack for picking good entrees. I always seem to pick something that tastes better than the entrees everyone else picks. I know this because we share tastes of our food. lol I know it might be weird, but when I have something good on my plate, I feel compelled to let other people taste it. But I always seem to have the most tasty dish.

This time I thought about ordering the salmon dish, since I don't eat it much at home. But then as I was scanning the set menu (we had a choice of pre-arranged dishes) I saw that there was a King prawn dish that was served with "bacon cheese grits". I am a sucker for grits. Let me tell you, this was an INCREDIBLE dish! The prawns were grilled, with a smokey flavor. The grits were delectable. THere was also a sauce on the side that was the PERFECT match! I was in heaven!

Here was my strategy in ordering that night: I decided I wasn't going to order anything that I could get anywhere else, or that I could make at home. I had a choice of clam chowder or lettuce wedge. I can get clam chowder anywhere, but I chose the lettuce because they had homemade blue cheese dressing. That cinched it! I also chose "Burnt cream" for dessert. (Creme Brulee) Wow!

If you and I ever go out to eat, let's have a contest to see who can pick the best meal. lol But you have to promise to let me taste some of your food. I know that's tacky, but that comes with the deal. :)


Grannymar said...

Tasting is good. That was how I trained Elly to eat out. We each ordered a different selection and tasted each others dish. Elly quickly learned about different dishes, the flavours she liked and those she didn't. Nowadays she is a great experimental cook and when we go out for a meal we still offer each other a taste.

So you are on! I look forward to a meal with you, sharing titbits!

Tony Payne said...

Whenever we eat out (which isn't that often), especially at a "posh" location or somewhere different, I always like to sample some of the different dishes for a change.

I used to hate Grits, until I went to a hole in the wall diner in Indiana, run by Germans, who served the most wonderful Grits. Now I love them.

Rummuser said...

If we do go out to eat together, and I hope that we do, I will simply let you order and sit back and enjoy the experience. You better start thinking about that possible disaster because, I am a vegetarian.

gaelikaa said...

That all sounds wonderful. But what are grits?

Stick said...

I love tasting what everyone orders, and I love grits (which are ground corn, sometimes prepared like Hominy and bleached with lye and rinsed) you boil them to make sort of like corn meal mush, but better)

Delirious said...

Thanks for giving the definition Sticks. Many people eat grits as a breakfast cereal.

Nene said...

I'll pass on the grits, but I go out to lunch every week with a bunch of friends and they always comment that I always order the best thing.

BTW, you said you went to a wedding for your husband's nieces. Did more than one get married?