Friday, July 08, 2011

The Early Bird

My sister Nene's latest post reminded me of something I wanted to tell you that happened to us this last week.

The other night, sometime in the middle of the night I heard a noise. I was awakened from a sound sleep, so I didn't even get a grasp on what kind of sound it was. But after I jumped out of bed, I couldn't hear the sound anymore, and everything seemed okay, so I went back to sleep.

Later in the night, maybe in the early morning hours, we began to hear a bird chirping. It sounded like it was right out on the roof next to my bedroom window. We had the window open, and had a fan in the window. For hours we kept hearing, "Chirp chirp......................................chirp chirp......" etc. We were both half asleep, and just kept trying to sleep through it. Finally, about 7:00 in the morning, my husband exasperatedly got up and closed the window. Then he grabbed the cat, which was sleeping at the end of my bed, and let him go out on the roof. He told him to go eat the bird. (I know that's not politically correct, but he was half asleep after all. lol)

We laid there a few minutes and then heard the chirping start up again. But this time it was even LOUDER! Something finally clicked in my brain, and I jumped up and turned on the light. Sure enough, there was a baby bird in the middle of my bedroom! It looked to me like it had been hurt (probably by my cat). It was quite young and didn't even have flight feathers. My husband tossed it on to the front lawn. It was gone in the morning, so I'm pretty sure a cat got it.

I know it might sound cruel, but I don't think it would have survived anyway. Poor little thing. Naughty Eddie cat to kill baby birds. But hey, at least he isn't as bad as our last cat. Our last cat used to bring all kinds of "gifts" to my daughter. One day he came to her and barfed up a whole family of baby mice. I think that was the best gift he could find for her. Hmmm...I wonder why she didn't appreciate his gift? lol


Dee Ice Hole said...

;-) I thought you were going to say the fan motor was squeaking.

Grannymar said...

I was expecting you to say it was the fire alarm. That reminds me... I must check my fire alarm when I home next week.

I often hear a loud thump, but it is usually in daytime when the sun is shining. Birds fly full belt into my windows.... maybe I shouldn't clean them so often! ;) It only happens at the back of the house. Out there when looking at the house the windows act like mirrors reflecting the garden in the glass. Only once has a bird died, normally they are stunned or winded and soon recover to fly away.