Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Theme Songs

Before you watch this video I should say that my mother in law plays the accordian, and does so very well. But this video made me laugh because when my oldest son was little, and was playing with his friends, he frequently sang "theme music" for his play. So if he was marching his action figure across the floor, he might be singing a sort of "mission impossible" tune. Anyway, I ran across a series of "vlogging" videos by an LDS guy, and had to share this one with you. :)


Euripides said...

Funny stuff. I remember a cartoon that had two women walking out of a theater and the one saying: "That's the whole problem. Life doesn't come with a soundtrack.

Nene said...

Hey this sounds like a possible Word Joust Game: "What is the soundtrack for your life?" :0)