Monday, May 16, 2011

Taiwan is a Giant Time Capsule

My daughter wrote this as the subject for her mission letter home awhile back. For those who don't know, I served a mission in the Taiwan, Taipei mission (northern mission) from Sept. 1982-March 1984. Her father served in the Taiwan, Gao Hsiung mission from (I think) July 1982-Dec. 1983. (Missions were 18 months then for all missionaries.) It's amazing how many times she has made contact with those we knew!

--First she was companions in the missionary training center with two missionaries whose fathers served in my mission at the same time as me.
--Her first area of assignment was the same one in which her father had served the longest on his mission.
--While she was there, she met one of the members whom my husband had worked with. He showed my daughter a picture that my husband had given to him before he left to go home from his mission.
--She was at dinner and ran in to the person who took the picture mentioned above.
--She met two of my former mission companions that live in the south of Taiwan.
--She is now companions again with the sister that I mentioned above, that is the daughter of one of my fellow Taipei missionaries.

My son is serving in El Salvador, and many of the members of the spanish branch here in my city are from the area in which he serves.
I don't even know if I dare ask him how he got this picture. But knowing my son, who was quite hyperactive as a child, the explanation is probably just what I fear it to be. :S


Grannymar said...

The world gets smaller every day!

Dee Ice Hole said...

Takes a long time to break a cow to ride---I know...

Rummuser said...

Hyper-active? More like adventurous.

Is there something that I can read about the LDS missionary work? I am intrigued that every member seems to be doing it. I shall be obliged for any guidance.

Rummuser said...

Since writing the above comment, I went to Wikipedia which gives a great summary about the missionary work that you do. I am impressed.