Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Conflict

I want to approach today's topic not so much to define conflict, but to discuss our reaction to it. Psychologists have taught us that people usually have a "fight or flight" response to stress. When there is conflict, we either choose to argue and defend our position, or we choose to remain silent and stay out of the conflict all together.

I like to think that I am the fighter, but there have been times that I have pursued the course of flight. Whenever there is an injustice, I tend to fight. But if the fight becomes unfair, I tend to leave. An example of this can be found in the comments of my religion blog. I have had some who have left comments that argued against things I had written. This I don't mind, because it give me a chance to explain my beliefs. But occasionally I've had people who have not only argued their position, but have hurled out slanderous insults in the process! Even that is easier to take than those who can't follow a topic, and can't answer a simple question. Those are the ones that cause me to step out of the conversation all together. Their kind of attacks would be akin to someone playing ping pong, who has a whole bucket of balls, and doesn't wait for you to return the volley before he starts hurling more your way. That kind of conflict is unfair, and not worth the effort to join.

Because I am a Christian, I do believe in being christlike. This however, can potentially be a conflict in my conflict! :) If I do not remain christlike, then I lose my position! When they revile against me, my response should be christlike. That doesn't mean I can't support my position. But truth can be delivered without be mixed with gall. I hope that I can always stand in a position of truth in every conflict. I hope that I never find myself getting involved in a meaningless conflict.

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Grannymar said...

At the end of the day, your blog is your virtual living room, unfortunately some commenters choose to forget that and leave their manners at the door.

Conrad said...

Delirious, I found myself thinking how beautifully you had laid out so many of my own inner conflicts right now. This is a beautifully written post filled with insights I can verify with my experience.

Thank you.

Rummuser said...

Great post Delirious. You have certainly identify what provokes conflict and what resolves it.