Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Church History Photos

Although I have been called as the new Relief Society president at church, I am finishing out my last two weeks of teaching seminary. We have been studying the book of Doctrine and Covenants, and church history. We are now in to a section where we study about the past presidents of the church. Yesterday I taught about Heber J. Grant, and today I taught about George Albert Smith.

Heber J. Grant was the president and prophet of the church who started the welfare program of the church. George Albert Smith was president and prophet from 1945-1951, and over saw the aid and relief given to those who had been affected by the war. The church at that time gave much of clothing, food and medicine to those who were suffering after the war. The church members in Holland grew potatoes to send to the Germans, who had been their enemies. It is interesting to note that they had a bumper crop that year!

Today I had an amazing thing happen. After I finished teaching, one of my students, who is a very special young man, came up to me and showed me a picture on his I-phone. It was an old photograph taken probably in the 1930's. It showed a large group of people lined up with one row standing, the next row in front had people sitting, and the front row had some girls with flowing dresses sitting on the lawn. He pointed out to me that there were crochet balls and mallets in the picture. He scrolled to one side of the picture and showed me a picture of his great...not sure how many greats....grandfather. Then he enlarged the picture for me and scrolled over to the side to show me that sitting on one of the chairs in the picture was Heber J. Grant! Then he scrolled over to the other side, and there sat George Albert Smith!

I wish I had some way of showing that picture to the class. And how cool was it that he had a picture of both presidents that we had just covered in our lessons! Since you missed the picture on his phone, here are some I found online of them both. :)

Heber J. Grant 7th president of the church

George Albert Smith 8th president of the church


Sue said...

Cool coincidence

Grannymar said...

That is a nice story. I am sure the young man would let you have a copy of the photo if you asked.