Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday's Loose Bloggers Consortium: Risk

The group will have to educate me on whether or not I should post these LBC posts on Thursday night, or wait until my Friday. Most of the group is hours ahead of me, and therefore might think I haven't posted at all! Although I will freely admit that last week I forgot until late at night Friday night. :S

Today's topic is "Risk", and I feel that I embody that word in many ways. Those of you who know me, have heard me talk about one of my hobbies which is analyzing handwriting. There is a particular trait of someone who is a risk taker. Typically, a risk taker writes all the way across the page, clear over to the very edge of the paper. Those who are not risk takers will stop and leave a gap somewhere before the end of the line. Check out your handwriting and see if you do this! I do have this in my writing, so I guess I'm a risk taker. :)

Another thing I read about risk-taking is that usually middle children are those who are not bound by tradition, so will be more likely to "shake things up", and do something out of the normal. I happen to be a middle child, and I have found this to be true in my life. I hate doing something merely because it has always been done that way.

I would say the biggest risk I have taken in my life was when we moved to China. I had three small children at the time, one of whom was only a few months old. It was a leap of faith to drag my children to the other side of the planet to live in a foreign land. And now we are hoping that we get to repeat that experience!

Lest you think I'm fearless, I should say that I'm not one of those risk takers who likes to try things like bungee jumping and sky diving. No thank you. I remember when I was a missionary in Taiwan, and we went to a park that had a tram for us to ride up the side of a mountain. I remember looking outside the window at the huge drop beneath us and thinking, "Why did I choose to do this?! I could die at any moment!" I recently re-enacted that moment when I rode the tram to the Great Wall. And I once again had that same frightening thought that we could crash to our deaths! Maybe that was heightened by the fact that I was dangling from a line with 4 people in the car, two of which are quite heavy. Add to that the fact that it was probably sketchy chinese engineering...... Need I say more?

Yup...I'm a risk taker. :D

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Grannymar said...

In the beginning there were only four members blogging for the LBC and it was easier to find a suitable time for the Posts to go live. As Conrad tells us there are no rules and you post at whatever time suits you. Last week I didn't make the deadline and only straggled in on Tuesday.

I would have loved to be a butterfly on your shoulder as you travelled to such amazing places.

Rummuser said...

You are not too late. Perhaps just an hour earlier would have had simultaneous posts, but it is no big deal if you are delayed or early. We are "Loose!"

I stop when I write by hand when there is no space for the next word. I loath splitting words with a hyphen at the end of a line. My writing is more like the left aligned presentation in MS Word. So, I guess that I am not too big a risk taker.

You, on the other hand, certainly are. Over the period that I have been reading your blog, there have been many cases where you have taken risks that others will not. Good for you.

gaelikaa said...

Today I was too early. For some reason my blog is refusing to store drafts and post them on time so because I knew I'd be out at posting time, I had to do it in advance. But usually I'm late.

I'd say China must be fascinating. I'm going to explore your blog soon and read more.