Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Flowers

My neighbor gave me permission to come pick some flowers in her yard. I cut a couple of her larger roses, but some of my favorite of her flowers are these miniature roses. It is a climbing rose called "Cecil Brunner". I would love to grow them in my own yard some day, but I don't have enough sunlight right now. I picked the buds yesterday, and they have fully opened today. I put this tiny bouquet on the counter in my bathroom, and it is amazing how strong the fragrance is! I know there is a name for these tiny bouquets, but I can't remember it. I am hoping some of you remember the name. I put mine in an old medicine bottle that my grandmother gave me. It's just the right size for these small bouquets. I also threw in some forget me nots. If you can remember the name for this, please tell me!


Inklings said...

Gorgeous! I was just telling Dee Ice today I wish I could grow forget-me-nots here.

Grannymar said...

Very Pretty! Unfortunately I am unable to help with the name.

Nene said...

The only name I can think of is "Nosegays". ?

This is really pretty!