Monday, March 07, 2011


This morning my husband and I woke to pounding sounds coming from my son's room. His door doesn't hang properly, so I figured the dog had gotten in to his room, and he didn't want her in there, so was trying to fix the door. He doesn't like her to sleep in there because she smells like a dog. lol Anyway, my husband got up to find my son lying on his stomach, unable to move because of stick neck. He had been pounding on the wall trying to get our attention. He tried yelling, but we didn't hear him. He said that when he woke up, he turned to look at the clock and heard a "pop" noise. Then his neck was in pain and he couldn't move. In fact, he couldn't move for about 15 minutes! Finally he was able to sit up, then get up off the bed. But he was in so much pain and kept groaning. I decided to call the advice nurse. She talked to him, then said that because of his level of pain, I should take him in to the minor injury and illness clinic.

I had given him one ibuprofen about 7:30. As we waited in the doctor's office, I think the medicine kicked in because he was able to move his neck more. It still hurts, but less than earlier this morning. The doctor said that he has "torticollis". I googled it and read up on it, but I'm not convinced this is an accurate diagnosis. But his understanding of that term is that it happens often in children, and that it will get better in 2-3 days. He gave him a soft neck brace, and wants me to keep him on advil for a couple of days. He also wrote him an excuse from P.E. for 2 weeks! He said that sometimes P.E. can make it flair up again. I think my son is happy about that because he hates running the mile. :) He should feel better in a couple of days. Poor guy!

And that's all I can say about the subject because just talking about it makes my neck feel stiff... lol


Nene said...

My neck was hurting just reading about it. Hope he gets feeling better soon!

Amber said...

poor guy!!! i hope it feels better soon! its a good thing the hubby decided to go check on him!

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

I can relate to your son. I am still wearing the collar. My son now plans to get a leash!

Inklings said...

Poor kid! The same thing happened to Epitome of Sweetness when she was about his age, and she was miserable, too.