Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Rambling

The woman over our children's group at church (Primary president) called last night to ask if I could help with the special needs boy again. Before I tell you about that, I need to tell you the embarrassing story in connection with it. So I was on the phone with her, and she was telling me about the program she has started to use with him. I was sitting on the bed because I had been watching tv with my husband. He was still sitting next to me. Suddenly, while I was talking to her, he started snoring! And it was loud enough that she could hear it on her end of the phone. I decided to save him more embarrassment, so I reached over and touched his arm and said, "You are snoring." I guess I startled him because he gave one of those loud gaspy snorts! So embarrassing! The lady on the phone just laughed with me. Poor hubby. lol

Anyway, so she told me that she visited his class at school to get an idea for how they work with him there. One thing his teacher told her was that if he starts throwing a tantrum, then she should ignore him. This woman used to be his teacher at church, and she had tried ignoring the tantrums before, but to no use. But last week she found that if the teacher had one more person in the room with her that she could talk to, then the ignoring him worked. So she asked me if I could come today and be one of the "ignorers". lol

The day went pretty well all in all. I have the distinction of being the only person who has ever been able to get him to walk out of the room without throwing a fit, so they ask me often to come help. lol Today it was time for him to leave his classroom, and he didn't want to go. My approach has always been to use a calm energy. His mother came in and tried to get him to go, but he laid on the ground and refused. Another teacher tried too, but to no avail. I walked over and gently put my hands on each side of him, underneath him. I didn't really lift, but I made the motion like I was going to. I can't explain it. Anyway, he got up quietly and walked out of the room. I don't know that I have any special skill, but for some reason he reacts to me. Go figure.

One of the goals that they are working on is to keep his shoes and socks on the entire time. They have a laminated picture that shows a picture of shoes and has written next to them, "Keep shoes and socks on". Then there is another picture of an Oreo cookie. Written next to it is "Get a cookie after primary". He's a good reader. So if he keeps his socks and shoes on, he gets a cookie after primary. That didn't go so well, but frankly, that's the least of my worries! :) I see him growing and progressing almost week to week, so it's really exciting to think about where he will be in another year!

This whole episode today reminded me of my oldest son who is currently serving a mission. When he was 3, and we were living in China, he used to take off half of his clothes during the children's meeting at church! He would start with his shoes and socks, and pretty soon would take off his belt and shirt. I would have to re-dress him in order for us to go home. lol Well, he will be 22 soon, and he keeps his clothes on the entire meeting, so I guess something has worked. ;) LOL


Ramana Rajgopaul said...

Hearing that story from anyone else would have had me coming up with a quip about your son's disrobing! I would refrain and simply say that I had a good chuckle.

In India, we are used to seeing children and even adults in minimum clothing in the summers. So, it is no big deal for us.

Amber said...

ROFL you are too funny!

Grannymar said...

You have a very calming effect on that child. I have watched one of my brothers move his hands over an animal without touching it and the animal suddenly becomes calm. Great gift.