Thursday, March 24, 2011

China Adventures: Part 1

I'm home safe and sound from China, and my husband will follow in a few days. It was a whirlwind trip, but it was SOOOOO fun! But I have to be honest, I'm worn out! We got up early every morning and used every minute of the day. I need a vacation from my vacation! :)

This is back tracking in the time line of the trip, but I wanted to mention my flight home. We left Beijing and were out for only a couple of hours when the pilot announced that there was a medical emergency on the plane, and we needed to divert to Japan. I looked around, and finally saw an old chinese man laying on the floor in the back galley. It looked like there were two people working on him, but I don't know if it was CPR or something else. We landed in Tokyo, and the emergency medical team came and took him out on a stretcher. We had to refuel and restock, but were able to leave within an hour. I have to admit that it made me nervous to land in Tokyo, but we had no choice. I feel bad for the old man and his wife who had to seek medical help in a foreign land.

As I sat there on the plane, I wished I had some skills to help them. But not being trained in medical things, I finally concluded that I could pray, and that would be the best help I could offer. I'm sure there were other people on the plane praying also. I kept thinking about what a blessing it was that we were close enough to land in Tokyo, and not flying over Siberia. I hope things went well for him!

More posts to come later, but for now I think I can actually sleep tonight!


Rummuser said...

Welcome back. The LBC is all agog to see the first posts!

Nene said...

Did you feel like a "Time Traveler", coming "back in time" when you came back home? :0)

Amber said...

I would've been scared to land in Japan too!