Thursday, February 03, 2011

Voice of an Angel

There is a girl who works at Walmart that has the sweetest voice. That might sound weird, but I'm serious. When I go through her line, and she talks to me, it is like sweetness filling the room. I can't even describe it, but when she hands me back my change, and I say thank you, and she says, "You're wellllcome!"...drawing out the "wel", it just oozes sweetness! I'm sure it isn't purposeful on her part. I think that's just who she is. But seriously, it's so calming and soothing to listen to her talk that I might just start choosing her line every time even if there are a lot of people. :)

I guess that's how my husband views the way I talk. Some women might get offended if their husband fell asleep every time they tried to talk to them at night, but not me. When I first married him I was a little put out. But then he told me that my voice is soothing. I don't think he's just feeding me a line, I think he really feels that way. lol And now that I have met this store checker with the soothing voice, I can more understand what he means!

I would try to record her voice for you, but that would seem to "stalkerish". lol


Nene said...

I think you ought to tell her what a nice voice she has and tell her she ought to go be an announce or maybe someone who reads books online like Jim Dale! :0)

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

What I would call a lullaby voice in your case. One of readers eventually spoke to me on the phone and then on skype and tells me that I have a sonorous baritone! I suppose that it means that I put him to sleep whenever I speak to him.

Epitome of Sweetness said...

It's not stalkerish if she doesn't know you're recording her. :)
Just hit record on your phone and hold it in your hand. ;)

Amber said...

if you ever watch Big Bang Theory on CBS, the girl who plays Walowitz's girlfriend has the cutest minnie mouse voice, i just love listening to her talk :)