Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Funniest Class of the Day

I just picked up my son from school, and he told me that his English class was probably the funniest class for the day. After he told me why, I had to agree. He said that there was a girl in his class who has allergies. He said that all through the class she kept sniffing. He said about every minute or so she would sniff. His weird teacher finally couldn't stand it anymore, and told her to stop sniffing. The girl explained that she has allergies, so the teacher said, "Fine, take your allergies and go in to the other English class." and made her leave. But the funniest part is that right when she said stop sniffing, suddenly the whole class simultaneously started sniffing. lol My advice to my son's english teacher is this: Never show your weakness because they will take advantage of it, and eat you alive. lol


Nene said...

They should wait until he gets a cold and starts sniffing, and then sniff with him. :0}

Inklings said...

Or tell him to go to the other English class :0)

Amber said...

i feel her pain, i sniff when my nose itches really bad, and it used to drive Kaleb crazy but it's kind of like a tick and you can't help it - i hate allergies