Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hermione is All Grown Up

I have been casually following Emma Watson's career for the past few years. (Hermione Granger) I first found several years ago that she had started modeling, along with her acting career. I wasn't particularly impressed with her first attempts. They were very commercial, and she did look pretty, but she kind of looked like a little girl playing dress up. But I could see her improve over time, and now she is a very editorial model!
Here are a couple of beauty shots (commercial):

I could see that they were trying to push the editorial look by using unusual props and clothing, but she didn't quite have it then.

Now that she is not under contract with the Harry Potter movies any more, she cut her hair, and has furthered her modeling career, and is a very good editorial model.

I feel like in some ways they are trying to create a "Twiggy" feel to her. Here is a picture of Twiggy from way back when. :)

Here is a picture of Emma in a "Twiggy" type pose and makeup.

But in the end, Emma Watson has made it on her own.

I mean, how many people actually get a cover for Vogue, celebrity or not!

As I was browsing, I saw a magazine article title that claimed that she is the highest paid girl in the world! She's not much of a girl anymore! I think she has a great career in modeling, as well as acting ahead for her!


Nene said...

I'm not sure I really like her short hair, but I think it was a smart move for her to cut it so short. It helps her break away from the Hermoine character. If she keeps it short for a couple years or so, then she can let it grow out a bit - after she's established herself as a model. I can see what you mean about her gradually getting better. She is a really pretty girl, and I didn't really always think she was.

Lindsay Logic said...

She's a pretty girl. HP movies really toned down her beauty. She's gorgeous.

Marla said...

Very pretty girl.

Amber said...

i think she's a great model, and a great person too! i've loved watching her grow up from the little girl with wild frizzy hair into a true beauty with such poise!