Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bloch Exhibit

My husband's cousin who lives in Provo told us about this exhibit, but because I live so far away, I haven't been able to see it. Carl Heinrich Bloch's paintings have been on exhibit at the BYU art museum. But today in the mail, we received our BYU magazine (for alumni), and this painting graced the cover. I LOVE this painting. In fact, as I was googling Bloch, I recognized many of his paintings. Now I really wish I could go see them in person! What I love about his paintings is the emotion portrayed, and also the style in which he painted the Savior's face.

This is the kind of art that I would love to own copies of and display in my home! I adore this one of the Savior casting out Satan from heaven.

When I see these paintings I can't help but feel this was a man who loved the Savior!


Nene said...

I've never seen this artist's pictures before. I'd like to see them in person too!

Marla said...

Absolutely beautiful.