Thursday, December 09, 2010

Scripture Mastery Games: Texting

Okay, in my previous post I gave an idea to use texting to give scripture mastery clues. Here are the clues for the Doctrine and Covenants scripture mastery that you can give in "text speak". I think I'm going to print them out large on paper and see who can get them first.
If you come up with a better game to use these with, please give me your ideas! I used a "text translator" to come up with these. Here is the link for that site.

Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Mastery

Gd N JC aprd 2 JS JS History 1:15-20 God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith
Srch D wrds of Gd DC 1:37.38 Search the words of God
Mnd N hart DC 8:2-3 Mind and heart
Pra Alwz DC 10:5 Pray always
Ndure 2 D nd DC 14:7 Endure to the end
Wrth of ppl DC 18:10,15-16 Worth of people
Chng yr wAz or suffA DC 19:16-19 Change your ways or suffer
Sngs of D hart DC 25:12 Songs of the heart
Dnt B lAz DC 58:26-27 Don't be lazy
Fess n giv ^ bad wAz DC 58:42,43 Confess and give up bad ways
Kip D sbbth DC 59:9-10 Keep the Sabbath
4 give evry 1 DC 64:9-11 Forgive everyone
giv 10% 1st DC 64:23 Give 10% first
JC lyfs DC 76:22-24 Jesus Christ lives
Mch givN mch xpectD DC 82:3 Much given, much expected
Prst Hd pwr DC 84:33-39 Priesthood power
Be cln n dnt zzz 2 lng DC 88:123-124 Be clean and don't sleep too long.
DstroyN angl pss U by DC 89:18-21 Destroying angel will pass you by.
mnE r cllD bt few r chZn DC 121:34-36 Many are called, but few are chosen
gt smrt now, B smrt aftr U di DC 130:18-19 Get smart now, be smart after you die.
obA d law, gt d rewrd DC 130:20,21 Obey the law, get the reward.
Gd N JC hv bods DC 130:22,23 God and Jesus Christ have bodies
3 dgrz of hvn DC 131:1-4 3 degrees of heaven
Clstl kngdm DC 137:7-10 Celestial kingdom


Nene said...

Hey, these are pretty cool! I can read them without cheating and looking at the answers! :0)

Todd said...

Thanks. These are great. We used them this morning. I sent a mass text message to my students. The first team to text back the answer got a point, and there was another point for the first team to find the scripture. We had a lot of fun and the kids were really engaged.

Delirious said...

Your game sounds better Todd. Now if I only had a cell phone. lol And if I weren't technology challenged to be able to send out a mass message. lol But definitely, your game is the way to go!

Marla said...

You are way smarter than me. This looks like the DaVinci Code to me. LOL